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GIST - January 2000 Issue
Few Choose It

Oh how wonderful and beautiful are the good things in life. If only I could have them all and experience them all. I will never have the opportunity to enjoy being a human being or a divine being until I choose it and all that it requires of me. It requires of me that I give myself one hundred percent to it without reservation. I can only say of myself, I am ready now.

This is the Year of the Master. The month of July, August and September 2000, twenty individuals will dedicate one hundred percent of their time and their lives to proving to themselves that they are master under all circumstances.

These humble individuals will arrive on the campus of the Absolute Monastery for the Year of the Master program in the School of the Masters. Each one will have shown their excellence as graduate students of the University of Healing. They will have listened to cassette tapes of talks given relative to the school so that they are harmonious with the techniques used to guide each in finding the divine within their master self.

The greatest challenge to each participant will be learning to be untouched by anything. The art of being untouched is well exemplified in the medical profession. This field of chemicals and skill is one based on rules, experience, proven use of drugs and medicaments efficacious for health this cold set of principles allows for no emotions. It is as we call it here "cold" and impassionate.

I am not discussing the benefits of "bedside manners" by doctors healing more than drugs will ever do. I am not thinking about doctors who lovingly care and tend for their patients, unconditionally gentling them through the experience of illness to wholeness.

I look at the coldness and dispassionate approach the medical profession offers predominantly to those who come to them. From my warm human nature, I find this alarming and aloof. It seems the doctors do not "care" for their patients. The doctors care greatly. The doctors know that principle does not concern itself with emotions or friendliness. The true cause of the illness experienced by a doctorís patient is the patientís use of principle nonbeneficially.

The patient could say of itself: I am whole and perfect. Using this confidently and definitely, wholeness and perfection would be their effect.

The reason a patient does not use the principle beneficially is that the patient feels that somewhere in its experience it deserves the illness and that is why it has been brought upon them.

In mathematics if I use the principle to get a false answer, I will get a false answer every time it is the principle. If I use the principle to get a correct answer, I will get a correct answer every time. Likewise, when I press a key on the piano, its note will be consistent with the key I press dispassionate it is the principle.

In metaphysics if I use the principle of recognizing that all IS and everyone is a master, hence so am I, I demonstrate mastership. However, if I say I am not a master and not able to experience or demonstrate mastership, so it is. The rules of the game say that whatever I name and claim for myself, so I experience.

Year Of The Master

As the new millennium Year of the Master is ushered in January 1, 2000, I have the opportunity to assess myself thoroughly to consider whether I desire to remain the person I have been in the past or whether I fully express the master, which I am. I can be a cold fish as many in the medical profession are to effectively demonstrate principle with their wards, or I can remain human, forgetting my divine reality.

For me, the most important thing is to find my divine river within and channel its substance effectively in all experiences of my life so that I AM that I AM now.

Knowing I AM THAT I AM releases all former habits and opinions about myself and allows being my divine reality. I am not being something different than that which I am, I am being something different from what I thought I was and all those limitations fade away.

To be aloof and distant from human limitations, to be unfeeling and indifferent to desires to use the principle in unbeneficial ways, to be remote and detached from ideas which would keep me from being my divine self this is what I know in the Year of the Master.

The tendency to live as a human being is so ingrained in my thinking that I feel it is cruel for anyone not to appreciate it especially me!

Poetry defines my limited self. Poetry speaks out to the humanness and the sensitivity of my body and mind. A poet writes from his imagination and forms a concentrated picture in a few words to describe specific emotional responses. A poet could also describe the unlimited nature of all and the emotion of spirit, if such there is, would soar in great joy of such a revelation.

It would seem that I am saying I do not want to play the human game any longer. This is not true. I desire to play the human game. That is why I am living on this planet at this time in the form of a human being. I want to play the game of being human based on my divine self. From my divine self I can participate in all of living untouched. From my divine self I know that the illusions are not real, I know that death is an illusion, I know that things like illness-limitation-possession are mere games and nothing more.

Master Wakeup Call

For me to wakeup and enjoy being a master this moment requires of me that I am untouched by the world I have created about me. It requires that I be unpossessed by my creation. It means that I judge all my creation as good and very good. It means that I know that I am everything right now. It means that I know that I know all right now. It means that I am disciplined, dedicated, determined, diligent in my choice of thoughts, words and deeds. It means that I am divinely-human.

These would seem impossible tasks for a human being. They are impossible tasks for a human being. No human being will ever know its masterself, divineself, godself. The human learns to see and experience all from its divineself and as such is a divine-human being, living in the here and now as an IS.

Have I ever known one such as this, a divine being?

Yes. I know an infinite number of divine beings. Where do I see them? I see divine beings everywhere I look. I look right through the games each may be playing and see their inner beauty, their inner wholeness, their inner immortality. It is disconcerting to most beings because it appears standoffish and unfriendly, however, it is the opposite. I see the goodness and perfection in everyone.

A master is not selective.

An associate called me to say she hoped she had not offended me and lost my friendship. I told her she could never offend me and she could never "lose" my friendship. She could never lose my friendship because she never "had" my friendship. I told her I have no friends. If I had friends, I could not unconditionally love everyone. For in my unconditional love for all in my life, my world, my being, there is no room for "conditional" friends, which all friendships are. She understood immediately. A master would.

Over Christmas 1999 I held a seven-day-seminar entitled "Introduction to the School of the Masters" for Church of God Unlimited and University of Healing students interested in preparing for the School of the Masters in July, August and September, 2000. I gave 28 hour-lectures, 28 15-minute discussions and 7-one-hour personal discussions with seminar participants.

The lectures I gave included Purpose of the School of the Masters:

To give subtle and obvious tests of our sincerity,

To reveal why we want mastership,

To see our world attitude,

To see our inner attitude,

The place of unconditional love,




Relative world,




Being myself,

Having fun,

Good illusions,

Bad illusions,

Human imagination,

Master imagination,

Divine imagination,


Passing the test,

Failing the test,

Who can attend,

Who attends,

Where do I go from here,

What is the purpose of being a master,

If all are masters-why pursue it, and

Will I like me as a master.

Tapes of these lectures are available.

This was the second and last introduction program to the three-month School of the Masters in July. We are now on the East Coast of the United States and across Europe in January and February entitled A Masterís Love. April 1-7 a seminar The Magic of Beginning Again will be held on campus. May 6-13 a seminar on campus called the Divine Imperative will take place. These seminars are open for students and friends.

For information, call 1-888-463-8654 or e-mail unihealing@fda.net.

Look at our www.university-of-healing.edu. I have many surprises for you there.

I confidently speak in the first person, present tense, positive at all times. When I speak this way, I act this way and live this way. I like me unconditionally.