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GIST - April 2000 Issue
Birthdays Can Be Confusing


Just because I am born on a certain date does not mean that I am a certain age. Indeed, I am as young as I am in heart, mind and spirit not necessarily the chronological number of years my age count. Not the years I live, but what I do with my life every day that I live.

I Reveal My Age At All Times As 25

I lead an active exciting life. Every day I rise at 3:30, take a Jacuzzi, swim my mile or so, take my dog for a several mile walk up in the mountains, return for breakfast and begin my day directing the spiritual life of God Unlimited/University of Healing, writing, answering letters, traveling the world giving seminars being myself and having fun.

So what, it would be easy to say. At 25, born in 1927, you have everything! You have a lovely home, a fine UNI campus, and students around the world, respect and admiration from everyone in the universe, good health and a great attitude about life.


WHO did it to me?


I did it to myself through my thought, word and action.

I did it to myself by my SELFAWARENESS.

  • Selfawareness is liking myself.
  • Selfawareness is liking my world.
  • Selfawareness is liking my creation.
  • Selfawareness is liking everything that I envision and enjoy in my world in my world alone.

For years I have touted positive thinking. Positive thinking and positive action can be both beneficial and non beneficial. Now I like to think in terms of selfawareness.

He Saw An Appearance

A German great nephew of my associate Ellen amused me as I explained the concept of eternal youth. I told him how eternal youth is scientifically shown as a reality. Human cells nurtured for years under laboratory conditions did not age.

The young man looked at my gray hair and laughter wrinkles around my eyes and not unkindly said, "But look at the age your hair and face show." Naturally, anyone who lived in the world of illusions and appearances would make such an observation. I, too, as I look in the mirror, see his illusion and could be led to the assumption that this is reality. l look beyond any outer picture. I know that in the moment my conscious awareness returns to its original purity and integrity, I outwardly show the inward reality of eternal youth, eternal life, eternally having fun.

The challenge to me is whether I can hold fast to reality or appearances!

The evidence of where my reality stands shines forth through my inner light.

I visited Ellen’s 86-year- old cousin Gretchen in Germany. She is so full of life. She ran down to the train station to greet us. She   S H E   wanted to carry MY luggage. The sparkle of her eyes, the magic of her voice, the thrill she has in living, the excitement she lives expresses in every organ, action and function of her body is YOUTH, YOUTH ETERNAL!

Ninety-year-old UNI student Eleanor jumped to her feet in our Wasserfallen seminar in Switzerland and danced, acted and announced in a loud clear voice her life conviction: "I am God, God I am." I looked on with excited delight as her inner light erupted brightly. I saw this dynamic actress, this charming YOUNG RUSSIAN BALLERINA revealing her imprisoned splendor. No age evident as for 10 hours, she thrilled listening tirelessly to the topic True Love Begins With Me.

Leo has been a student and seminar participant of mine for a quarter of a century. He attended my seminar on the Zürichsee. The smile on his face belied the 89 years his chronological age would attest. For two days, six hours every day, he joined the other seminar participants giving me one hundred percent of his attention as I explained Being Happy Without Reason.

Charmingly, a full room surrounded Leo. The seminarians ages 5 through 89 also included three children: Jerôme 8, Andrea 9 and Martina 5. Each child spontaneously asked valid questions. Leo smiled knowing, he had been there and done that too. The seminar spoke to every age the theme was ageless. The lecture greeted everyone as a person. There was no age. There was no discrimination. There was no intention to give secrets of agelessness to one group or another, all were equally responsive. The children sat in eager receptivity of every nuance of the seminar as the hours flew by as seconds.

My group of hand puppets drew attention as to how I speak with my inner self in selfawareness. How I hold meaningful conversations with the divine within and get amazing responses. Instantly the youngsters wanted to perform with the puppets, while the other youngsters sat breathlessly awaiting their chance. Each wanted to listen to the divine within through the magic of the little marionette. The young are not young and the seniors are not old. All are ageless. All are themselves living in the timeless present.

The Magnificent Katie

It was fifteen years and my Bavarian Katie and I were together once again. The magnificent Katie is boundless. As always, I created her the most joy filled and dynamic 70-year-old in history. True, I say age is everlasting. In Katie, my conviction is reaffirmed.

In a voice of sparkling clarity, in a mind of purity and goodness, and with an attitude of attentiveness, I shared with her my world. She never missed a beat. She instantly understood harmonious world politics, she saw the beneficial work of the United Nations and the United States under new auspices, she saw the German government and its officers in the purity of their reality rather than the pose shown through the media. Instantly her heart rose to the joy of being herself and having fun.

After reviewing the list of seminar participants over the years, Katie contacted them. Many had risen to a higher calling, others were marching to a different drummer but most were enthusiastic about a seminar just for them.

Katie contacted old seminar friends in Germany to come for a Sunday seminar in her photo studio. With the help of her husband Ferdinand (photographer par excellent), (daughter) Barbara, mother of Sophia and Christoph and (daughter) Andrea, the seminar took shape. As 10 am arrived, the studio filled with friends old and new. Ibelle at 80 was there along with 12-year-old Sophia. Of the throng Sophia was first to respond to the question, What do I do when someone else is not positive in my world? she instantly said: "I like myself."

Alfred and Hildegard Veh wanted the seminar in French. We said ok, next time. Ellen Matschki was on her way to tend the elderly but did not want to miss a word. Erika said her Sissi insisted on coming as she and her dog enjoyed the conference. Margarete Hergenrider was the first to arrive from distant Augsburg.

Occasionally my translator would nudge me as she translated the seminar saying, "Herb, you have been speaking for over two hours and your mini disk is only one hour long." I looked out over the intensive faces of the seminar participants and knew they too thought seconds had passed as hours faded into history. No one wanted to leave, no one had to go to the toilet, no one even thought of the time. What a wonderful seminar.

I am always in charge of who and what I am. I like me. I have fun being me. I have full selfawareness of the values I hold and am particular in upholding my selfawareness.

Dr Herbert L Beierle