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GIST - March 2001 Issue
Why A Practitioner Has No Friends

     A practitioner has no friends for one simple reason, a practitioner loves everyone in his world unconditionally. If he were to have a friend, he must love that "friend" conditionally, a special beloved person and separate from other beings in his world.
It is not lonely to be a practitioner, because a practitioner loves EVERYONE and EVERYTHING unconditionally, completely and happily.

To Love Unconditionally

       To love unconditionally means that I am a universal being. To be a universal being means that I can have no specific or particular relationships. I may have a physical relative, a wife, a husband, a child, a mother, father, sister, brother or other relative-but these are not my friends, nor are they given special recognition over another, since all are unconditionally loved.
       Just what does it really mean to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY?
       This is a question anyone-who seeks spiritual awareness, seeks to be a spiritually illumined being, seeks to live the life of a master-must have an answer for if he is going to sincerely achieve this discernment. In this discernment means the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure, to see what is not evident to the average mind because of its illusory nature.
       Unconditional love is based on the concept that all things are equal. All things are universally the same. All things are in the now. All things are without judgment, possession or touchable. Hence, it would seem that there would be no loving, touching, sharing, kissing, sex, eating, breathing, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting-or anything of sense nature. For things of a sense nature are changeable and never the same. 
       Things of the ideal, archetypal and absolute nature are things that have no sensate nature.
       As a human being, do I want to disassociate myself from the human, physical, sensate world? Is being unconditionally loving, is being a practitioner, is being a master worth this divorce? I must be clear in my choice because once I make the decision, it will reformat my computer in my brain from the "human mode" to the "divine mode" to form a new default condition. The default is a selection automatically used by a computer program in the absence of a choice made by the user. I truly may not be ready for that.
       I ask myself: Am I able to accept everyone in the world just the way they are and love them unconditionally, love them without judgment, love them without possession or touch- ability? This is a tough change to make in my present human attitude. 
       This would mean that my bodily sensations would not be those which would guide me in "working with" other people. I would essentially be a "cold fish" and this is hardly an attractive person to be in a human world.
       Actually, all of this discussion and argument are for naught, for as I choose to be an unconditional lover I, as an unconditional lover, will not have human feelings or desires. It is as though I had eaten as much ice cream as I can hold and then I am invited to an "ice cream party" where I have absolutely no appetite to eat any more ice cream-regardless that I love ice cream with a great passion.
       When I see the world clearly from a practitioner's point of view: I see everyone whole and perfect. I see everyone fulfilled. I see everyone with the desires of their heart manifest abundantly in their lives. I, as a practitioner, have no human emotions which must be met or which unconsciously come into play when I am in a "human arena" where human beings mingle.
       So, you might ask, if I am on Earth why would I not want to experience everything which takes place on Earth. If I am on Earth and I do not play the human game, I am in my wrong place.
       Smile, this is exactly why I am on Earth-and you who are reading these words, that is why you chose to be a human being on planet Earth-I choose to be divine here and now. Divinity is my reality. Divinity is what I am, who I am. My life is to be myself and have fun. 
       To be myself and have fun-yes, and this means just that. To be in the world and not of the world. If I am in the world I am able to be aware of everything that is going on. If I am not of the world, it does not touch me what the humans do on Planet Earth. It does not touch me how they love or hate one another. I am here as a living spiritual master, as a spiritually illumined being, as myself and not as a guide for anyone to be whatever it is that their divine reality calls forth in them. That is their choice.
       This does not place me above others or superior to others.
       Far to the contrary!
       It appears that the humans are having all the fun, eating, drinking, sleeping, sex and relationships, intrigue, business, political, human and all that. It seems that this is what is exciting on planet Earth. But the spiritual master knows what his values are. 
       These are a few of the values of a spiritual master:
       I see everything good.
       I see everything perfect.
       I see everything whole.
       I see everything okay.
       I do not judge what I see, it just is.
       I do not possess what I see, I enjoy it.
       I do not have the human sensation of touch, therefore am not touched by the human world.
       I do not have the human sensation of taste, therefore I am not pleased or displeased by any taste.
       I do not have the human sensation of sight, all things I see I see from the purity and goodness which I am.
       I do not have the human sensation of hearing, all things I hear I hear through my divine ears.
       I do not have the human sensation of breathing, all which is taken into my divine body is divine.
       I do not aspire for my divine higher nature, I am my divine higher nature.

       A revealed practitioner is a master and expresses himself in his ultimate integrity and purity. Everyone is a revealed master. Some desire to cover with dust the jewels in their jewelry box so they may not be stolen. Doing this they do not enjoy the reality which they are. Today I open my jewelry box and expose the purity and integrity which I am for ME to thoroughly enjoy at all times.


-Dr Herbert L Beierle