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GIST - August/September 2005 Issue
Standing Up For Who I Am


          Standing up for who I am is my natural joyous way of living. To me it is just as important as to know that I live fully while being myself and having fun. Daily I create many opportunities to remember who I am and that I am in charge of my world.

One of the opportunities—I call a blessing—are the inspiring and illuminating talks Dr Beierle shares with us monks during our meal times under the different subjects: Thought For Today, Instant Illumination and the Absolute Philosopher. Every one of those talks is recorded on the UNI website available to every spiritual searcher around the world from: university-of-healing. edu/ audio/video.

What a gift these loving warm thoughts are! They nourish my conscious and unconscious mind with statements of truth—creating my day based on principle. Principle is for me whatever I set up for myself reflecting the practice of honesty and integrity under all circumstances.

Yesterday morning when I took off for town I was pondering on Dr Beierle’s talk: I Share My Courage! This title meant something special to me as my mother had defined my name ELLEN as courage. I thought about how I live up for my name. Many events came into my mind where I with “courage” stood up for my belief. In this connection I share the following little adventure from town: 

I was sitting in a Denny’s Restaurant enjoying my lunch. It was a busy coming and going of families, couples and friends, all eagerly joining for a lovely meal. Sitting there all by myself I took this moment to be a nonjudgmental observer of a vivacious amusing passing show.

All of a sudden I heard behind me a bunch of happy giggles which instantly took my attention. A young couple with their two little daughters had finished their meals and were ready to leave. At this point their friendly waitress came running to their table with two balloons. Over a big smile she hands one to each girl. Their eyes joyously embrace their balloons. Instantly they started to play bouncing the balloons around their faces happily laughing and chuckling.  

"How about that?" I asked the two straw blond girls: "YOU are getting these beautiful balloons! What makes you feel you should receive such a fun gift?" The mother "thinking that rewards come when you are good" answered: "YOU must have been naughty to not get a balloon!" Not taken aback, fortified by the uplifting morning talk, I spontaneously said:  "I am too positive to accept your statement!"

The waitress who was cleaning my table laughed and exclaimed: "I like this answer! I will remember it and use this too. Wow! I am too positive to accept this."

I too carried my balloon home, a very special balloon filled with enthusiasm, wisdom, love and a happy giggle coming right from within my heart.

-Dr Ellen Jermini