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October 2005

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Anniversary celebration, graduation and seminar

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God's Pocket
Take Time To Listen

Living on Many Dimensions

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God's Pocket - October 2005 Issue

Take Time To Listen

HerbIN THIS WORLD filled with so many wonderful words extolling the values of harmonious living, I find that I all too often take little time to listen to people in my world, much less to listen to the divine within me.

It is great to listen to the divine within. It is illuminating to hear what my godself has to say to my humanself.

A good way to listen within is to find some quiet time, some time when I can truly be alone, when I can forget everything and just be myself. As I walk the meditation paths here on the campus of the University of Healing, a silence and peace flood over my being and I listen easily to the divine within.

It takes practice. Often I walk along and I am distracted by the birds singing in the trees or the animals rustling in the bush and I forget to pay attention to what I am doing.

Then, in a moment of awareness, I return to my listening within and suddenly the outer world is once again peaceful and unintrusive. It takes practice to accomplish this, but it is so wonderfully worthwhile. It is rewarding beyond measure. I practice it every day in the early morning hours.

Now it is an instant activity. I say as I begin my walk, "Peace, I am peace." Doing this I relax and let go and find that all tension and confusion fade away and I am peace, I am listening with my entire being. It is a rewarding experience.

I can hear my heart, I can feel the breeze, I know I am listening. What once were dreams are now my reality.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle