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Summer 2006

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God's Pocket
An Absolute Viewer

Visiting The Great Physician

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Playing Yo-Yo With The Principle Is A NO-NO!

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Ha Ha Said The Clown


God's Pocket - Summer 2006 Issue

An Absolute Viewer

HerbTHE GREAT JOY of my life is that I know I am the creator of all upon which I look. The great joy is that I know that when my view is somehow muddied I can take charge. I know it when that appearance of muddledness shines back to me. As is everything, this jumbledness is an illusion, is not my reality, not the truth about me. Knowing this causes me to open my eyes to look even further. In looking beyond any appearances I see the ultimate self which lies in sleeping repose in me and in all of my creation - in every being, every essence and every circumstance.

My original purity and integrity, my archetypal self, the essence which defines my absolute self never changes. My absolute beingness remains unsullied - immaculate - regardless of my limited thought about myself or my creation.

My joy in being me and my delight in having fun are immeasurable.

The awakening awareness of the simplicity of whom and what I am makes me sparkle with enthusiasm and zing with the zest of satisfaction of every minuscule sense-sensation-illumination that says to me wow-wow-wow! To speak about this circumstance-situation-ex-perience does not begin to express the real sensation of peace and tranquility I know in me. This feeling, which cannot be limited or defined with the word feeling, but somehow it points in the direction of what I am going through, my condition of absolute peace.

I live in a conscious awareness of bliss under all circumstances. I look beyond the apparent outer to see through it to the reality of my inner. In this innerness no words can define or speak of its joy, but while it is unspeakable it is palpable.

Should I give this gift of awareness to another not having the necessary unconditional love, it would be like giving sight to the blind. The blind receiving sight in the first moment would see all as chaos and in this confusion would understand nothing while experiencing allness. After a few moments of timelessness bliss of seeing nothing and allness are understood in not being understood, felt in not being felt and being without being!

Irrational, yes, of course. Great, yes, of course!

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle