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Spring 2007

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3-year old Ebube visits Campus. Ebube's mom, aunt, grandmother and grandfather are UNI students

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If I Like Me, Then That Is All That Matters

The Brain Is An Organ Of The Mind

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Illusion or Reality

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Facts Are Facts, Right?


Serendipity - Spring 2007 Issue

The Brain Is An Organ Of The Mind

Whenever I can I like to share with you my thinking. I make talks on our radio internet but you do not always get to hear them so when I print up my thoughts I want to share them with you, okay! I have been reading about Neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. These are two fabulous concepts I have been working on for a long time. Now I have put them together in a package that for me makes sense. I thought you would like to see what I have come up with.

The Brain Is an Organ of the Mind

My brain is a highly interactive vehicle. Neurogenesis - defines the formation and development of nerve cells - and tells the story of my brain which allows me to respond for my benefit in my interaction with my social-intelligent universe. My brain is a flexible plastic organ ready to be remolded and fashioned however I desire it to be. Through neuroplasticity training my brain learns to see again and use more of the power of the universal mental force available to everyone to express mastership in all areas. I love to imagine how my brain truly never stops evolving. In purity and perfection my ideally formed stem cells effortlessly continue to manufacture 10,000 brain cells every day of my life throughout eternity. As a genius my brain rises to any human-spiritual-mental occasion as I challenge it. Now it is my choice to be aware this is so and utilize this awareness in every area of my life. The brain is an organ of the mind. Now I begin the charming and effective process of utilizing my mind to rewire my body. Knowing this I am able to fully take charge of my meditations and my awareness of who and what I am. In this way I can accomplish great and marvelous things, healthwise, socialwise, bodywise, mindwise and spiritwise. Notice the words with - wise I have created here, smile. I like doing that. It really shows where my values are for me. As with the Dalai Lama in conference with medical scientists related that caloric restrictions by 30 percent extends the lifespan and healthspan, as it activates the production of Sirtuins which enhance and encourage longer life. He revealed that when we experience less stress wounds heal faster because meditation modulates body immune and inflammatory responses. Caregivers have a problem of problems with their personal health which is balanced when they share unconditional selfless love which heals both the patient and healer or caregiver. Always like to keep you up with the latest in my thinking.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle