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Serendipity - Winter 2007 Issue

Middle of The Road

HUMANITY LIVES ON in the middle of the road. The middle of the road type of thinking seemingly makes everyone happy and no one unhappy.

When I try to do things that please everyone I find that I please none. This mediocrity standard of normal living is familiar to the vast majority of society. The reason it is so popular is that it is in such good company, the majority of humanity like to walk the middle of the road.

The genius of this life, the creative adventurers who go out and do things, which go out and are at the forefront of the magic of living are those who do not even know there is a middle of the road. These successful beings live in their dream world where thoughts overflow the floodgates of their consciousness in such abundance that while the rest of the world is gingerly walking over the thoughts of failure, the dreamers are swirling in the prodigious volume of imagination and creativity.

Everyone who chooses to walk the standard pathway is in great company. They make up the "students" in the class. The run-of-the-mill, typical thinkers are the "teachers, mentors and professors" of the students.

The creative dreamers are the genii who carelessly challenge the students and teachers to prove their theories are incorrect. They are too busy thinking up new thoughts and new dreams to take time to prove or disprove their convictions. The classes prepare through their train of thought only to find out the creative soul’s convictions are valid. The illumined dreamer is on the ground floor of even more exciting thinking which is in the process of evolving and being revealed.

You and I can be this class of dreamers and irrational thinkers whose very words, ideas and visions make those who would be their closest friends say: I don’t know them. The normal average person stays at arms-length from anyone who is walking the pathway of imagination.

A British podcast internet program which has proved itself quite successful is entitled www. thenakedscientists.com. It draws attention to itself in that everything which it covers or speaks about is a thing that the public is vitally interested in hearing. The name draws attention in an amusing way to the provocative manner in which they give their information. Anyone who tunes in to the program is immediately taken by the sincerity, genius and quality of the presentations.

If any of their mothers, the mothers of the presenters all of whom are relatively young, knew before hand the name of the program by which their sons and daughters were going public there would have been quite a clamor. But this is the way of genius. This is the way of the creative thinker. He is often considered a nerd, one of careless grooming habits, more interested in thinking and dreaming than appearances.

This has just touched the surface of the project of middle of the road thinking. Middle of the roaders would not think of challenging the status quo or the rules and code of society. For dreamers there are no inhibiting rules or codes which limit their stretch of imagination. These are the geeks that send rockets to the moon before anyone ever dreamed of why we should go there.

Living within this focused environment the genius is not troubled by the things which make the world go around. He is not worried about appearances or whether he "eats" right or follows procedure. He goes directly to the illusion which is sparkling brightly in his consciousness and which MUST be dealt with to its completion. Sometimes the conclusion requires using outrageous directions - but he functions and brings completion to the dream.

You and I would love to be included in this "number".

To do so we leave behind all conditions which say to us that we must walk in this way or do that procedure, we are as the sculptor, the artist, the writer each of whom are unaware of time, temperature, bodily needs basically anything in the outer. These creative minds are so into their art, their craft, their presentation, the only thing that matters is to reveal what is in their mind and bring it forth now.

This principle applies to one who would walk the spiritual path. The spiritual way differs from the human way in that the human trek is filled with middle of the road techniques which will not threaten us or another along life’s way.

We think of the guru and his going apart from society to find his inner program to live it. The spiritual pundit steps away from people and chooses to live in being untouched, unpossessed, unlimited and unconditional (nonjudgmental) in all ways. He lives a Spartan life using only the minimum of food, water, housing, clothing and bodily care - not to go his way rather because it is not in his awareness to need more. He is an expert in knowing that to walk his spiritual awareness program the less in the outer that claims his attention the more his attention is stayed on the inner from where his intuitive conclusion flows.

He means serious business.

The artist, the sculptor, the writer, the dedicated student in any discipline who demands perfection do not feel disadvantaged, in fact they do not even know that they are deprived. Their attention is on the intention of their "art", on the intention of their "creativeness" their oneness with the driving force within them to reveal the majesty of the world that lay unrevealed within.

For us who would like to utilize the spiritual principles these same virtues apply. It is not intensive. To the middle of the roader it is intensive. To the revealer nothing else matters except revealing the magic which lay within. To us who need all that society and the body has to offer, being without is one of the worst things that could ever befall a human being.

As I measure the experience of being a middle of the road human being or being a divinely revealed spiritual master - there is little to compare.

My intuitive sensitivity tells me that a revealed being lives in peace. A revealed master lives in harmony in himself and his world. The ultimate guru thinks his thought and instantly that thought is manifest, that thought is revealed, that thought represents its living wholeness in every area. The goal of every human being, so diminutively sought, is the every moment fare of the revealed ones. The more I think about it all the more I realize that this is what I am doing right now. This is what I am right now. This is all that matters.

To be or not to be, that is the question, and the answer is "to be" for only as I am does my presence on planet Earth mean anything at all.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle