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Summer 2008

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The Absolute Monastery monks were given brand new cuddly blankets from Brookstone-and with each blanket came a snuggly soft-white Teddy Bear.

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EJ Shares - Summer 2008 Issue

It Works

EllenTHE LAW OF cause and effect always works. It responds on my onepointed thoughts negative or positive, it responds according to my heart’s desire.

The other day I spoke with one of our UNI students about her graduation-ordination program. She became very excited having almost accomplished all the requirements of the UNI, soon ready to receive her diploma of Bachelor of Metaphysics. However, above all her achievements, her greatest joy is being officially ordained as a minister.

During her intensive studies with the University of Healing, these last months, she grew into a greater awareness - as she writes it in her Ministerial thesis - Why I Want to Be A Minister:

"I am born a minister! I always knew it from within, but now I understand that to be a perfect minister, I FIRST learn to minister to myself, I first reveal who and what I am and I first fall in love with myself as a divine-human being. In this awareness I now innately live and share divine wisdom with others and bubble in natural enthusiasm. This is my magical step into reality! My life is perfect order and everything works according to the principle I put into motion. I am in charge! I like me! I believe in myself. I am myself and have fun.

"Now I am ready to officially accept my noble task as a minister, to be ordained as a Reverend, a glorious divine minister I always felt I am."

As we were talking on the phone she said: "You know Ellen, I like it that Dr Beierle and you are here for my ordination. This would be so wonderful!"

Of course, the little doubt she put in her wish by expressing a "possibility" (would) but not a reality came through my answer: Spending UNI funds for the cost for two flights and two hotel rooms is extremely high and I do not believe that we can make it! Her disappointment reflected in a short silence whispering: "Oh, No!" confirming my unbeneficial response: Yes it is expensive!

Everything in this world is possible as we put the cause into motion, I instantly reminded myself saying: Helen, this is a test, a small test, to see how well we know and apply our philosophy. Let’s put the cause into motion and KNOW: Dr Beierle and I are in Brooklyn for your ordination and it is done!

Since that day we exchanged many telephone calls, seeing how to achieve our goal. In the meanwhile airfare increased from $400 to $800 for one person and the possibilities to fly in two from San Diego to New York diminished.

Helen, let’s keep our focus, let’s know that it is done, I encouraged the two of us whenever we talked on the phone.

In my morning introspection the perfect solution was revealed to me. We use a credit card and get points for every purchase . . . there is THE solution! Indeed I found that we had enough points to cover the fare for one person yet not for a second one. I tried to match the flight with a normal paying flight ticket, but could not find two seats on the same plane. Though points are money too, the cost of the flight does not directly affect the budget.

To make a long story short I finally found a second flight with American Airlines on Herbert’s Advantage Card using up all his travel points with his approval. Now we are both able to fly to New York for the great ordination of our dear friend and student Helen John. Helen is the daughter of Dr Rev Evelyn John whom Dr Beierle ordained 31 years ago here in Campo. Their successful church is the well-known New Life Center of Truth in Brooklyn, New York a vital, dynamic fun church reflecting its two marvelous leaders Evelyn and Helen! Dr Beierle and I look forward to a soul-touching feast. The law always works! Hooray!

—Dr Ellen Jermini