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Winter 2010

GIST Magazine
Winter at the Absolute Monastery in Campo in Southern California paints itself as a glorious scene, nature at its best.

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God's Pocket
Be Still And Know

Anniversaries Are Lots of Fun

EJ Shares
The Magic Path Along Golden Lake

Practitioner Letter
A Miracle For Jason

Affirmation Column
Following Divine Guidance From Within


EJ Shares - Winter 2010 Issue

The Magic Path Along Golden Lake

EllenTEN-YEAR-OLD Maya is on her way to school. She enjoys her daily hike along the lush nature path around the Golden Lake.

Happily strolling along, she sees a little snail leisurely crossing her path. In awe of such beauty, she stops to exclaim, "How beautiful you are! I love your shell, the colorful house you so gently carry on your back. I know, it is always there ready for you to sneak in! I like the vivid colors of green, orange, yellow, blue and red you tastefully use to paint your house. It is gorgeous!"

Inquisitively the snail extends its fine feelers not giving too much attention to Maya's praises. Reverently it crawls along further aiming toward a lofty beech tree, stopping here and there and—like having reached her goal—it disappears in its tiny bright house. Maya takes a moment to call her out begging the snail to please come and talk with her. Comfortably sitting leaning against a big boulder, Maya stares at the snail's shell waiting for the fine creature to show up. With her little hands she starts drawing circles in the moist forest earth, playing with miniature brilliantly shining pebbles, which bountifully cover the ground.

Engrossed in her dream world she forgets the snail, she forgets why she sits here.

The sun rising over the forest as a glittering ray of light illumines the magical area in front of her. Tiny golden metal-like-stones shimmer vibrantly resembling diamonds in the sun as she playfully trickles them through her fingers.

"I am rich. I am the golden fairy of the Golden Lake," she whispers to herself. "I am rich. I am wealthy! My feet touch the golden ground and I see gold growing all over me."

Lightheartedly she gets up to stretch herself ready to leave. Once more she gives a quick glance to the pretty snail house, but what she sees is awesome!

"There you are! You are my love with your colorful house affectionately clinging to a stone. How charming of you to show up again, smile! Indeed, I think you are a sign, a miracle from heaven. You are so beautiful. You are a special snail. The sun assures me I am right with this magical picture."

It is time for me to go, Maya is reminded as the sun slowly slides beneath the earth and she gives a long last look to the snail. Surprise surprise the snail is gone—just the stone alone, which had lost its companion. "Pick me up, pick me up, please, please take me home with you. Pick me up; take me home," a tiny whispering voice sings out from the forest floor.

Intuitively Maya follows the gentle voice and picks up the speaking stone. With great care she tucks it in her pocket and gaily dances the golden path by the Golden Lake happily singing as she goes home to share her magical experience.

With sparkling eyes and a bubbling heart Maya cries out as she comes home: "Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, look what I found at the Golden Lake."

Together they cuddled her special stone, meticulously blowing away the dust. "Look Mummy, look!" Maya, burst out. "Look, it is so nice."

She squeals with delight as a brilliant translucent green color shines forth from the precious gemstone in her hands.

Sharing her daughter’s awe mother looked at Maya and whispered, "My Little Fairy Princess, you heard the voice calling you. You followed it and this is your gift, your treasure, this precious stone!"

—Dr Ellen Jermini