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Spring 2012

GIST Magazine
A birthday present for the Dean, a practice ride on the SegWay two wheel vehicle with Dr Anita Lopp. Magic moments of fun!

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God's Pocket
Time To Wake Up

The GIST Goes On

EJ Shares
The Magical Value Of My Family

All Is In Divine Order
Morris Keeps Me In The Now


Serendipity - Spring 2012 Issue

The GIST Goes On

THE GIST has been published in many formats since 1970, but always it has been printed. It has been available on the Internet through the HomePage of God Unlimited / University of Healing www.university-of-healing.edu also as www.goduni.org through the years. Now we are making all future GIST’s paperless and available with all of its aspects linked to the UNI homepage.

If you would like to be a free subscriber of the GIST and the daily UNI talks, press GIST and subscribe your email name and a friend’s email name to our list. We are delighted to have you onboard.

The University of Healing is a nonprofit educational corporation serving its students throughout the world. The University of Healing is a nonacademic correspondence university that provides courses in spiritual illumination. The colleges of the UNI are divided into five areas: undergraduate, graduate, post graduate, ministerial and practitioner. Students take the courses to gain selfimprovement, to be a minister, to be a practitioner and to earn degrees. Required tuition fees provide all proctoring, textbooks, required reading books and listening tapes and disks, certificates and administration costs. Got a free Syllabus and more information from the Dean, unihealing@me.com or write to the University of Healing, 1101 Far Valley Road, Campo CA 91906-3213 or phone 1.619.478.5111.

Monk Rev Dr Sylvia Maria Enz

Joining the Absolute Monastery in 1987, Monk Rev Dr Sylvia Maria Enz takes a break. After being a proctor, monk, minister and a spiritual leader at the Absolute Monastery, Monk Sylvia has quit the campus to live in society and to lay her sensitive touch on all who come into her world as a semi-retired spiritual master.

Monk Sylvia, through her understanding awareness of the spiritual path of the students of the University of Healing she closely worked with, guided hundreds of students successfully on their transcendent trail.

Free as an illuminated butterfly, where her path will now take her is a glorious adventure to be revealed. Presently she has chosen a hermitage in Campo overlooking the Campo Valley. Wherever she finds herself she will be a blessing to herself, her neighbors and her community.

Monk Rev Dr Ingeborg Puchert

Joining the Absolute Monastery in 1986 - Monk Rev Dr Ingeborg Puchert, born August 3, 1925 - chose to move on to her next dimension May 13, 2012, after spending a few days checking out her next dimension before she decided on which dimension she wanted to NOW enjoy.

She played many roles as a monk and corporate officer of the University of Healing, Church of God Unlimited and the Absolute Monastery over the past quarter century. She translated lectures into Italian and German, translated UNI publications into Italian and German and conducted the communication center of the UNI. Everyone who knew her as a proctor, educator and spiritual guru were illuminated by her presence and her caringness at all times.

Her sister’s family in Germany and were in close touch with Ingeborg as she wrote emails to them and sent them pictures of all of her campus activities.

Letters from throughout the world have been pouring in relating their especial love and gratitude for the manner in which Ingeborg touched their lives. Friends gathered for a bon voyage party for Ingeborg.

How I Give My Talks

I live in paradise. Every morning as I wake up I immediately go to my computer and prepare my monitor to receive my daily Internet talks. I start with my Thought for Today, then Instant Illumination, Absolute Philosopher, Mr Candle, Bible Stories, Meditation and Dial Healing Words. Most days I get to two or three talks, some days I get to all of them, but this is rare.

I thoroughly delight in recording the talks every day. I choose a selection of titles and start out with Thought for Today and then go on from there.

Every week or so I sit at my computer and "compose" the titles for "talks", never knowing which talks will be under which theme, but doing this causes a charming selection to evolve. Selecting titles is special beyond words. I think of topics, I think of themes, I think of issues that, touch all of our lives and then I just let go and let the titles flood out of my mind and heart. The big issue then becomes - what will I speak about in each topic, and what names will I use in the Mr Candle talks. As I give each talk I plan it around the events of the day and the discussions I have with the monks and students. It is always a joy and a surprise for me and to see how the topic unfolds.

I have been a student of the Bible throughout my high school, college, graduate school and theological seminary school days. The most delightful experience has been that each of my professors and teachers would give me input on how they thought about how biblical writers and scholars thought about the teachings of the Master. Sometimes it even made sense. Most of the time the writings were far afield from how a spiritually illumined mind of a teacher would respond to the topic.

So it is that as I "tell" the Bible stories that they are truly born out of the words of many teachers, philosophers, theologizes and historians. I in turn look at the teachings and define then in terms of how we look at the "topics" in today’s understanding, in today’s values - the stories are not off base from this way of looking at them, however the stories are more realistic to how we would think today.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle