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Summer 2012

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Serendipity - Summer 2012 Issue

Principle Just Happens - Healing Treatment Works

There comes a time for proving to myself that healing treatment works. This is a condition that is proven by how I apply the principle to whatever it is that I desire to see happen - wholeness or not!

One of the most difficult challenges I face is that of seeing a condition and because I can see it I feel it is real and it is something that manipulates and controls my life. So easily I forget that all of life is an illusion or series of appearances, which shout out loud to me that they are my reality. They control what I experience. Then, compounding the circumstances I say to myself, this is what I believe. Strange how blind I am to the whimsies life thrusts forth for me to build the world in which I live.

Whenever I am ill do I immediately say to myself that this is all she writes, that this is the death knell of my life experience, time to give up?


I choose to live. I choose to overcome this appearance. I choose to rise above any limitation that says sickness claims me and I do everything in my power to be healed.

I follow the path of least resistance. I go to the doctor and ask for pills to alleviate the condition. I look for outer methods to remedy the inner circumstance that wants to claim my life and kill me - no less!

These outer circumstances work for a while but since I do not change the "cause" of the appearance or illusion, the malady continues to take its toll upon my health and illness is my reality. The pills cannot stop the condition because the cause I put in motion continues and I enjoy the illness. Healing can only take place when I place a new cause in motion about myself, calling my body whole and perfect.

Truly the cause is a mysterious activity in my life.

I am not always aware of what the cause is and so I am unable to effectively put the cause out of business and install a new cause to bring about my original purity and integrity.

I may have an illness and I am unaware of what caused it. To remedy this condition I have only one choice. My choice is to say to myself, I like me. As I say I like me I am going contrary to the appearance. I am going contrary to the illusion of illness. I think I am untruthful to myself. A big fight goes on within me and I argue with myself that this invention, this falsehood, is totally unrealistic. The illness wins when I am unable to see beyond the limited appearances to the truth that is always there.

The whopper never succeeds when I am persistent claiming my wholeness. No matter how horrible the illness, disease, bodily discomfort may be: I maneuver to the truth.

Continually I make statements of truth about myself and continually I listen to the words of my original purity and integrity and know that this is who and what I am now and always - my real being.

I say: I like me. I am whole and perfect. I live in my ideal spirit mind and body. I surround myself with my pure white light of love. I am unconditional love. I live my divine reality now.

I make these affirmations because I realize that speaking the truth about myself again and again plants this reality in me so firmly that I do not forget it. It is so powerfully established in me that whenever a thought comes to my mind or an appearance or illusion comes to my body that proclaims that which I do not choose to believe and experience, then I stand firm for what is my original purity and integrity. Standing firm is ME practicing the PRINCIPLE and applying it to work in my life.

As I think in my heart so I am. I hold the thought of my reality in my heart, in my mind, in my soul, and I experience my reality every time. This consistency functions! This consistency has always been there and is there now and is my experience now.

Whenever I choose to different effect in my life I put the ideal cause in motion to bring it about. I proclaim in fact: It is done!

My World-Love

What I see I am!

I comprehend the entire world filled with love. I see the entire world through my eyes of unconditional love and so it is. As I so live my life that I hold no judgment for anyone in my world, I live a life filled with unconditional love. I am peace.

My world is love. My world is seen first from my eyes, my loving eyes, my harmonious eyes - my world is good and very good. My world is love. I feel goodness within my heart that tells me I am good and very good. I feel content with myself and with all of my creation in my world. I feel all is perfect, ideal, revealed right now with no need for improvement or change of any kind.

Living in this attitude of mind I like everything that takes place in my world. I see all in divine order. I see all lovingly me now. This is such a nice way to be, such a nice way to live my life and such a nice attitude to have for my creation and me. Living so is living in harmony with all life. I am love and my world is love. Since I am love I look for things that are love all about me - and can you imagine - I find things all about me that express love at all times!

Practicing being love and unconditionally loving every day of my life makes it easy and natural and normal and it is done. I love it.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle