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Autumn 2012

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God's Pocket
I Love Meditation On The Quiet Side

Staying On Top of My Attitudes At All Times

EJ Shares
Getting Accustomed To A New Life Style

All Is In Divine Order
Working In An Apple Orchard Is Magical

Practitioner Letter
Truly It Is A Snap - My International Driver's License Test


EJ Shares - Autumn 2012 Issue

Getting Accustomed To A New Life Style

EllenI am born in a rural isolated high desert area among many attention grabbing creatures - dogs, cats, chickens, geese, ducks rabbits, squirrels and more. Mostly I live outside in an old barn among piled-up lumber where I take my quiet naps.

Now I am a few months old, still a kitten with bright green sparkling eyes and my shiny black coat that covers every inch of my slim figure. I like to play with bugs and little creatures I meet on my inquisitive walks. These often become part of my meal other than a bowel of food served to me by the landlady. Though my life is interesting here in the wilderness, I long for a change.

One bright summer morning I get to ride in a car. Three ladies pick me up. On our trip to my new home, they tell me they are monks living in the peaceful Absolute Monastery nearby. For a short moment I think, Monastery that is a very serious and surely a dull place. However I put myself in order, affirming it will be fine, as these lady monks seem to be compassionate and kindhearted.

My new home is inside a large garage with lots of tools and gadgets - neat for me to play hide and seek. I am set down in a basket packed with cushions and cloths on top of a workbench, with view out of a window. I am timid and tense and try to jump away. But one of the monks encourages me to stay calming me with gentle caresses while talking to me: It’s OK, kitty, it’s all good. Here is your warm-cuddly bed especially prepared for you and a delicious plate of food with fresh water and of course your potty box.

Slowly I feel at home here especially when I understand that when the monks call "GENI" that they mean me. So I timidly appear out of my hiding places amply rewarded with enticing snacks and goodies.

The time has come when I am shown my private kitten door which opens to the outside world. Intriguingly I scrutinize my environment, my impressive vast playground. Here are trees to climb, green grass and soft sand to roll in, rabbits to chase and birds to hunt - ideal for me to have fun!

One day strolling along my path, I meet another furry silver-grey tomcat. He introduces himself as Dr Sam and looks very regal to me. 'You can call me Samy' he whispers in my ear reverently clarifying that he is a monk-cat living in the Monastery. I am deeply impressed by his noble appearance but enchanted to understand where he lives. 'Follow me and see,' Samy leads me through a hidden kitten door into the house. I hear people talking while I am zipping through the rooms inspecting. In my excitement and hurry I bump in a little dog happily snoozing in the middle of the room. He wakes up startled and stares at me with adoring eyes and returns into his heavenly dream-world.

Weeks pass by and I vigilantly link with the family, finding my secure place on top of a cabinet in Monk Ingeborg's room. She spoils me with delicious treats and lets me lick her finger smeared with butter! I like my new life especially the cuddles and snuggles with Ingeborg during the night or holding our afternoon naps close together in her special resting chair.

Ingeborg, now my new mommy, notices that Rex, the big teddy bear Golden Retriever dog has an eye on me. I am scared of his height as I am very small - he is my challenge.

One day Ingeborg is no longer in her room and I have no one to cuddle and feel secure with. What to do next? My instinct says: Claim big teddy bear Rex. Watch and see!

Rex lives with Monk Herb in a charming fairytale house called the Hermitage. Every evening I follow Herb and Rex on their way home to find out where they live. Straightaway I realize that their cute little house is ideal for me with its almost flat roof and its wonderful rafters. With my excellent climbing skills I am instantly walking on top enjoying a 360-degree view.

So far I am invisible as nobody notices my presence until one morning I am discovered by Rex’s master, Monk Herb. Geni, here you are, so you have come to live in my house for a while, how nice, come in and have some food. Lovingly he invites me in his house and prepares a gracious garden window place for me. He delightfully accepts me and makes me feel at home in the Hermitage. Herb is so unconditionally loving and has so we have much fun; I decide to be unconditionally loving too - a little bit at a time!

My favorite place is under Herb's bed. From here I swiftly appear whenever he awakens, winding myself around his legs and feet showing my affection. When Herb lies down to sleep, I silently go behind his head gently crawling under his arm, inside his warm blanket.

I feel so happy here that I no longer trek to the Monastery to be with the other monks. They all come to visit us here at the heavenly high energetic little house, the Hermitage where I live blissfully and harmoniously with Herb and Rex as a perfect monk.

 - Dr Ellen Jermini