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Staying On Top of My Attitudes At All Times

Dr Herbert L BeirleStaying on top of my attitudes at all times is a challenging and demanding direction in which I place my life. It would be so much easier if I were to just go with the flow of life about me and not concern myself with how powerfully my attitude controls every event of my life.

My entire life experience is programed on how I stay on top of my attitudes. Do my attitudes manipulate my political responses, do my attitudes powerfully direct my emotions and my thoughts. It seems that anything I do I am under the influence of my attitudes and how I let them bias me.

I think I am a free spirit. I think I am a person who has no circumstances influencing my life, yet every step I take is absolutely under the choices I have made in the past, the present and relative to my future of the thinking I do! I do this and I call myself a free spirit.

How do I calculate being a free spirit?

Do I really make up my own mind of what is important in my life or am I a pawn of the world in which I live and the emotional judgments of people I may have never met, yet their attitudes are synchronized into my life activities and I am not consciously aware that it is happening.

It is because life and living are so subliminal that I must be diligent and aware of every attitude I allow affecting who and what I am. I know this and I am aware of this and it can be a major choice if I let it.

I am ready now, consciously, to take full responsibility for each attitude I consciously choose to be aware of and NOW! I can do this.

Some Attitudes Influencing Me

Some attitudes influencing me are not necessarily what I think they are. These attitudes are first my opinions of myself.

Do I like myself?

If I were to choose a friend, would I be a candidate for friendship for me or would I not choose to associate with a person, as I am - what a terrible thing to say about myself. Do I have good manners? Do I respect myself in private? Do I always do things when no one sees me that I would not mind having seen in public? Do I always act in a way that I would like my mother to know about it and have her be proud of me? Do people like to be with me and be seen with me and delight in my company?

Do I think that my opinions about myself are valid and reasonable?

I am free to hold any opinion that I like about myself. I then ask myself whether these opinions I have of myself are valid and reasonable or are they opinions that I am not proud of. My opinion can be any way I choose, however, am I an honest person, would I trust me with my valuables, would I trust me with secrets, would I trust me with my own and the reputation of another? Is my opinion of myself that I hold a reasonable awareness of myself that IS found valid at all times? Even "friendship" must be held up to this scrutiny of truth.

Do I think that I am a happy person?

It is easy and not easy to pretend I am a happy person, but am I really inside my very being a sincerely happy person under all conditions and all circumstances and with ALL people? Being a happy person is not just being happy on the surface, it is being happy to the depth of my soul, notwithstanding any outer appearances of ugliness and sadness. Can I at all times see MY reality, MY truth, MY illusion, MY appearance, in the face of degradation which can confound the world? This is the measure of my being in "charge" of my attitudes.

Do I think that I live my life in such a noble way that all the world wants to follow my lead?

Staying on top of my attitudes at all times is a simple paradigm, but a hypothesis that then outpictures who and what I really am inside of me, to the very depth of my being. Doing this is then my nature. Doing this is the most likely, the most natural thing in the world for me to do and I love myself. Nobility is being natural, being sincere, being honorable, being principled, being moral, being decent, being upright, being gallant, being polite, being magnanimous and being virtuous.

I choose to live by these virtues.

My attitude stands up well to the tests life showers on each of us.

I make sure I have clean thoughts, unconditional love for ALL in the world; I see the entire world a reflection of whom I am.

As I live in an attitude of joy and peace and as I shine this out to all in my world, I am peace.

I stay on top of my attitude at all times and my life and my world are beautiful and rewarding.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle