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Winter 2013

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God's Pocket
My First Thought

Believe In Yourself

EJ Shares
The Other Side Of Heaven

Rev Mark H Beierle
A Lesson For Bugsy And Me

All Is In Divine Order
Hurrah! It is raining

All Is In Divine Order
Soap Bubbles

Sylvia M Enz
Practice Principle

Practitioner Letter
Thinking Together


EJ Shares - Winter 2013 Issue

The Other Side Of Heaven



How much fun I have watching an uplifting movie with beautiful breathtaking scenes while comfortably snuggled in my cozy lounger! It is exceptionally soothing on these latest unusual icy Southern California winter evenings. It feels like heaven inside the warm house with the freezy wind gusting around the naked yard. A stack of burning wood crackling in the fireplace complements the inside ambiance. I am in the best company enjoying my tomcat Samy on my lap and Little Love, my Mini Pinscher at my feet.

So, comfortably cuddled in, I am traveling in thought while watching a Walt Disney home entertainment movie, THE OTHER SIDE OF HEAVEN. In this story a 19-year-old young man is sent on a three-year mission to Tonga fraught with unbelievable obstacles. Not understanding the language and lonely for the girl he left behind, he faces suspicion, distrust and many perils of man and nature as he reaches out to the people of Tonga. He is an amazing young man, who indisputably stands up for his belief, for his principles. Young and pure in heart he knows who he is and lives by his values of life.

While captured in this enlightening story I let my thoughts wander to a dear young friend from Switzerland - Abramo - who recently spent two months in Tonga in the South Pacific. He also was challenged by his adventures and came out the winner.

Abramo was 3-years-old at the time I met him. He and his parents joined our seminar on a spiritual journey to the pyramids in Egypt. His profoundly aware and his premature spiritual experience remains a treasured companion during the following years as he grew up into a fine responsible young man he is today.

The only child of Swiss-Italian parents whose parental bond released in him a remarkable schoolteacher, he is highly respected and loved by his young students and their parents. His exploratory visit to Tonga and the surrounding islands set him free to nonpossession - to unconditional love.

Abramo’s Tonga two-month absence from his scenic Lugano in Switzerland, his comfortable home, alleviated this attachment with his return to Switzerland freshly in love with a sweet young American girl. This is a revitalizing experience for both parents and son sharing nonjudgmentally and sharing unconditional love.

The young couple now live in California while mamma and papa embrace the thousands of miles distance. As Luciana, Abramo’ s mother told me, "My thoughts are unlimited. I mentally visit my ‘kids’ in San Francisco by phone, e-mail, Skype and unconditionally loving them."

Released from her once possessive attitude, her son Abramo’s surprise visit home for Christmas brought tears of joy mutually bathing their happy faces.

Heaven is where my heart beats. For this spiritually illumined family it beats surrounded by unconditional love, which exclaims: All is in divine order! They all are free and happy living in heaven.

- Dr Ellen Jermini