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In Silence The World,
A Wonderland

EllenThe sky was partly overcast from a night of heavy rain. The first sun beams peaked through the morning mist in an ocean blue sky. I was sitting in the UNI’s 36-foot motorhome looking over Lake Guamacha. This quiet Tuesday morning was ideal for contemplation. I meditatively enjoyed the invigorating spring air and the serenity of the new day. The birds chirped their love songs ever so beautifully. Some cruised in front of me diving through the sky, making a smooth sweeping curve before landing in a nearby tree. My inner silence cuddled in the reflected outer magnificence, indescribable in the flow of my thoughts.

        From the motorhome’s extended living room I had a spectacular view over the lake, its two islands dividing its water into seemingly two great ponds. Ever so happy, a flock of ducks floated on the silvery surface playfully diving their heads into the lake.

        Here and there a fisherman arrived giving this motion picture a special meditative touch.

For a moment the engine of a parking car interrupted my holy silence. A couple got out. Quietly they unloaded their fishing equipment and walked away searching for their separate places. The man soon found his perfect spot. With a blind eagerness he fixed his fishing pole at the shore, leaving it to make himself comfortable on his green plastic chaise lounge. Content he lay back and entered his inner world seemingly into the arms of Morpheus.

        His companion was still inspecting her fishing territory. Confidently holding her fishing rod in one hand, she walked up and down the lake before she settled down to unpack her equipment. Now she was ready. For a while she stood still observing the motionless water. Then with élan she cast out her fishing line into the placid quiet lake. She cast her bait many times and reeled it in until it finally dropped perfectly into place. Patiently she waited. Alertly standing there casting. Expecting a fish to be hooked at any moment.

        An hour of her loving casting motions passed until suddenly I saw her become alive reeling in her line. She spooled faster and faster. She must have caught something, I thought observing her. I was just as curious as she. Overjoyed she pulled in a huge fish! From my watchtower I silently celebrated her supreme catch. Proud as a child she ran to her companion to share her giant catch. Startled, he jumped out of his chair admiring the huge bass, praising her for her first fishing success.

        Decisively she walked to the water. I thought, to wash the fish before putting it in her bucket. But no! Surprisingly she carefully unhooked her 18-inch long prize catch and released it back to live another day. The fish swam happily away enjoying its freedom in the sweet vast waters of Lake Cuyamaca.

Dr Ellen Jermini