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Graduating Monks

We all would like to remain in our mother’s womb. It is warm and comfortable there. It allows us to grow. As we incubate we go from a primal seed to a full bloomed human-divine being. We would like to stay in this paradise, a save haven which requires nothing of us but to be ourselves and have fun. When the full time has come, we are cast out into the outer world from our inner world. All of our life thenceforth is spent in seeking to return to that oneness we knew within.

The Eternal Monk Walks

        Graduation time is a time of challenge. Should we remain a perpetual student, perpetually growing in the womb, or are we ready to step forth and remember our purpose, to know what we have always known, to be ourselves and have fun.

        Funny thing is that the first thing we forget is to be ourselves and have fun.

        The last thing we train ourselves to be aware of and the world trains us to be unaware of is to be ourselves and have fun. We teach ourselves to "get on in the world" and fit into the scheme of things harmoniously according to a plan which stands forth for us to follow.

        The people who are happiest, the people who are the most successful, the people who find living in the world an exciting adventure and live it with utmost enthusiasm, are the people who like themselves and have fun in all they do.

        The ORDER OF ABSOLUTE operates the Absolute Monastery, the Church of God Unlimited, the University of Healing, the University of Philosophy, the Worldwide Healing Ministry, the UNIpress, and many other organizations and operations within the multinational corporate structure.

        People who come to the ORDER OF ABSOLUTE do so generally seeking to follow their spiritual path because they have been introduced to it through seminars, books, lectures, tapes and correspondent college courses of the university. Upon arriving on the Monastery grounds they see the busy activities which consume much of the energy and time of the Monks. It is easy to get into the swing of things and become busy with the organizational work and forget about their own spiritual work.

Time For Introspection

        A very rigid program is provides at the Monastery. Its purpose is to insist that Monks remember their first program is their spiritual life. Basically seven hours are dedicated to selfawareness, selfimprovement and spiritual meditation. Eight hours are dedicated to organization work wherein each Monk is directed to spiritual thinking and acting through every thought, word and action.

        Doing food preparation, dishes, household chores, gardening, cleaning the swimming pool and Jacuzzi, shopping, proctoring student lessons, preparing cassette tapes, mail work and an infinite variety of tasks always done as perfectly as the Monk is able at the moment and then on to the next charming experience.

        Dedication to such a program maintains each Monk in a continual awareness of spiritual concepts, spiritual meditations, spiritual thinking. At times the work is heady and selfrighteousness creeps in as the Monk feels superior to the ones with whom they are working or the lessons they are reviewing and many other areas. This is the beautiful time for putting into practice all that has been learned. This is the tough part of spiritual growth. Living what we have learned and applying it to our daily life.

        Monks of ORDER OF ABSOLUTE have risen to the task most admirably.

        Each monk over the past decades have shown spiritual, intellectual and emotional maturity of excellence.

        However, in this the time of graduation comes all too soon. As students in any training center feel reluctant to put their toe into the water of the world and test it to see if it is comfortable for them as it has been in school.

Spreading Their Wings

        From the ORDER OF ABSOLUTE have graduated many accomplished genii over the last quarter century. To even begin to list them would be a gargantuan task. In 1998 and 1999 three outstanding Monks have graduated and were given their certificate of achievement. These remarkable people are: the Rev Dr Ilse Wenk who graduated in March 1998; and the Rev Dr Ingeborg Puchert and the Rev Dr Sylvia Enz, who graduated in June 1999.

        Dr Wenk established the Golden Fountain Church in El Cajon California.

        Dr Puchert is establishing the Church of Divine Love in El Cajon California.

        Dr Enz is establishing the Absolute Fellowship Counseling Center in Campo California and St Louis Missouri.

        These metaphysical philosophy teachers and sharers are the vanguard of spiritual realism. All have given over a decade of their lives to study and growth at the ORDER OF ABSOLUTE and are ready to try their wings in the flight of the spiritual master. They will always be Monks. They will always be ministers of the Church of God Unlimited. They will always express their innermost divinity living being themselves and having fun under all circumstances.

        Quite likely each Monk who leaves the Monastery would like to remain in the womb of tenderness and spiritual awareness. No Monk ever leaves the Monastery. They may journey out into the world and share with the world who and what they are. However, once a Monk always a monk. Once a minister of the Church of God Unlimited always a minister of the Church of God Unlimited.

        The ORDER OF ABSOLUTE is always their spiritual home. The Absolute Monastery always has a place for them wherever they may travel throughout the world. But now they go out to live what they have so beautifully learned. As masters they go forth.

        A Certificate of Achievement has been awarded to all Monks who graduate. It says:

Monk Sylvia Maria Enz, you have completed the training of the Absolute Monastery. You are now graduated to go forth into the world as a full fledged MONK and MINISTER AT LARGE to live all that you have learned and developed while in training as a monk in the Absolute Monastery. Given this 1st Day of June 1999 at Campo California.

Graduation comes as a joyful experience for each of us in many areas of our lives. However, graduation is always a time when we think again and again of the happy times of our learning years. We want to stay young and innocent. We want to remain on our mother’s apron strings. But the time comes for all of us to go out and be workmen that needeth not be ashamed of what we have learned.

Dr Herbert L Beierle