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Practitioner Letter - Winter 2014 Issue

How To Live Longer

Dr Herbert L Beirle


The art and science of living longer is a skill we can learn.

Pills seem to be the answer to living longer in a healthy body, but is this the technique that stands the test of time or is it truly a passing fad that lengthens the life of the body but does not utilize a healthy attitude that reveals immortality in the mortal human being?

Our body has in it from birth all of the supplemental substances of vitamins and minerals that are utilized to give our bodies immortality. Our bodies reflect mortality when they, for some reason, do not manufacture these substances vital to perfect eternal functioning of the body. Science has recorded these experiences in the body and has noted that because we supplement these issues in the body, it no longer produces them of its own accord upon demand.

It is to our benefit to learn how to provide our bodies with everything, which it needs to function perfectly. We can do this by utilizing the systematic ability wherein the body always has these vital substances but has turned them off. Now it is time for us to turn them on.

To turn them on we use our thought.

We say of our body: All Is In Divine Order Now!

We have demonstrated the power of our mind many times as we have negatively and positively spoken our word saying we are or we are not in divine order. The power of our thinking is limitless. Whatever we choose to experience speaking our word for its appearance reveals it.

ALL always exists.

We reveal what always exists by the words we speak to claim it now.

We may say: I live in my ideal spirit, mind and body.

We may say: Every organ, action and function of my body is ideal.

We may say: My ideal body is my real body and it is my perfect body.

We may say: In my spirit, mind and body all is in divine order.

Whatever statement we make, the result we have is a reflection of the statement we make about ourselves. Our consistent use of this statement reveals whatever we consistently think in our mind—our brain—and we experience it in our life.

The ability to experience all necessary action in our body to reveal our immortality or our mortality is revealed alone by our thought.

Today we can begin to think the thought of divine wholeness in our body. We can have that wholeness, which already exists and is waiting to come forth upon our claim of it, by placing our total attention on it.

We look at the creation of our physical form out of an egg and sperm and recognize its infinite possibilities. Most commonly a child with a perfect spirit, mind and body evolves from this creation. We can certainly realize that whatever thought we put into motion for this revealing and unfolding being has infinite possibilities pro or con. Parents seeking ideal children know this for their child.

The parents can come from a limited educational background and imperfect DNA causes which are given to the child. Then the parents can claim mentally for the child wholeness, brilliance, wisdom and to express its ideal beingness and yes, this floods forth in the experience of the child.

This is seldom done since the emotions of the parenting couple are all tangled up in the previous or present family appearances. The power available to the parents is lost for their lack of using it in a positive manner on behalf of their child.

Work is being done in scientific laboratories worldwide and the evidence not only points strongly to using the mind for the revelation of what the parents desire as a child, but in scientific labs it is purposely being done.

The question to us is: When are we going to purposefully call forth our reality to it highest and best for our offspring?

When we say: My child expresses its highest and best qualities now. My child lives in its ideal immortal body.

Saying this consistently demonstrates the ideal form and it is done!

—Dr Herbert L Beierle