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We are told See God and you die. Why should such a statement be made and be made in the Bible itself. To this rhetorical question we can only remark: Something or someone does not want us to seek out God. This book is a joyous expression of god shining forth in the cloak of purity and goodness, love and peace, wholeness and isness, allness and oneness, life and living, all the virtues and vices of our human self, but see through the pure eyes of the IS or god, there is neither right nor wrong, good nor bad, beneficial or nonbeneficial. All is the universal one expressing its allness in each of its creation, which are also one as that which created them. Many illustrations illumine these concepts and make them comprehensible. As one reviewer said, The depths of spirituality and mysticism are shared through warm and understandable insights. A wonderful opportunity to experience more of the creative power.

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