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Book Reviews

John Brown Common Street 55, Allness City CA 90000
Undergraduate Course/ The Art & Science of Wholeness
Book Review (Name of the book)
By (name of the author) 31 May, 2001

A book review is to be typewritten no more than five pages on 8½ x 11 sheets of plain white paper, double spaced, one side, with a one inch margin on all sides, font size 12 points. When writing the book reviews for any of the course programs, the student should remember that the Proctor has read each volume many times. What is desired from the student is their thinking, their attitude of mind, and concepts of philosophical understanding specifically experienced from the volumes.

Below you find repeated a few of the rules:

THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXAMPLE (with hints how to do your book reviews)

In Introduction Say:

a) How did I likeD the book? What did the book say to me?
b) How do I connect the philosophy with what the book says to me?
c) How do you connect the philosophy with your personal life?
Always referring to the statements you copy out of the book.

The book says on page 6, line 4:

Spirit is present at all times and in all places the same and needs only recognition.

Consciousness is my state of awareness. It is the capacity of my mind to know and its knowing. Spirit is the awareness of my reality as the creative cause, as the substance of all things. As my spiritual reality I am the creative power of my universe. I . . .

The book says on page 20, line 13:

With penetrating perception and deft but gentle technique, Trimble began opening out all sorts of ways for Strongheart's imprisoned splendor to escape into expression.

I come into this life experience to reveal to myself the divinity, the inward splendor I am. I am like Strongheart. I free myself from the illusion which I created for a time as my experience and all the sudden I find the . . .