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Tape Reviews

John Brown Common Street 55, Allness City CA 90000
Undergraduate Course / The Art And Science of Wholeness
Tape Review (name of tape)
By Herbert L Beierle/31 May, 2001

Each student writes a personal review of the cassette tapes for each of the courses of the University of Healing. There are two lectures on each tape. These cassette lectures are on aspects of wholeness. The review on each tape is to be written in the FIRST PERSON, PRESENT TENSE, POSITIVE format--what did the cassette lectures say to YOU personally.

A tape review is to be typewritten, no more than five pages, on 8½" x 11" sheets of plain white paper, double spaced, one side, with a one inch margin on all sides, font size 12 points. The student types his name, address, the name of the course, the name of the tape and the date on the top of each numbered page--always two copies of each.

Below you find repeated a few of the rules:



a) How did I like the tape?
b) What did the tape say to me?
c) How do I connect the philosophy with what the tape says to me?
d) How do I connect the philosophy with my personal life? This is how your review could look:

The tape says:

"A true teacher, one who does not in the academic sense teach, is one who so lives what he believes, all those of like consciousness are drawn to them."

It is important to be in a constant communication with the inner teacher which is the conversation from self to self. The language I use is my personal way of asking and getting answers. I listen to it and it tells me of my deep inner dreams.

I am the master, I determine what I want to experience in my world. I listen within for guidance and it unfailingly answers all my questions: I have learned to listen. Now I am open and receptive to the teacher within.

The tape says:

"So if our mind is single upon the divine within us, our whole body is filled with light, our whole being is filled with truth and joy and wisdom."

This quotation describes so well the awareness of an ascended master, living in oneness with his inner teacher. . . .