Crocheting a sausage dog is an act of being mindful

May 11, 2018 No Comments
11 May 2018


Crocheting a sausage dog is an act of being mindful

I love to crochet.

Currently, I am crocheting a sausage dog. I saw a photo of a handcrafted Dachshund on the internet. I instantly fell in love with the happy attitude of the dog. So, I decided to get my wool out and create one myself.

I tell my colleagues here at the Uni about my new project. I hardly get past my first enthusiastic sentence when I loose my audience.

That makes me think. I wonder if maybe I should concentrate on something more serious, more important to do in my free time.

That very same evening, I make myself comfortable in my big, cozy armchair. While crocheting the legs for my wee sausage dog, I think about what crocheting means to me and why I love it so much.


When I am crocheting, I am peacefully mindful. My mind, my brain is concentrating and at the same time it is actively creative.

Each time I crochet a new project, I go a bit further. I figure out something new. I use new possibilities to create my idea. I go just far enough to keep my imagination and creativity sparkle. Never I go to the point where frustration equaling “I can’t do it,” jumps in. Frustration is judgment.

I am a free crocheter. I pick up tips and hints from tutorials and photos etc. Then I sit down with my imagination and simply go for it.

I relax myself into all is possible. That attitude I carry with me into everything I do.

It is simply impossible to have negative thoughts while creating beauty.

The act of being mindful is: giving attention to the present moment. It brings together the left and the right side of the brain. Logic and Creativity (my inner artist) bond as one, to be simply divine.

This focus brings balance and calmness.

When I am mindful, I am awake. I read my inner book. I read all the things, which I have written in to it. That which is really important to me jumps to the forth:

I like me. I am peace. All is in divine order. I am love. I am divine. Life is beautiful.

By the time the sausage dog is finished, I have spent countless, precious moments in happy meditation=mindfulness. The dog is stuffed with cotton wool. Yet in reality it is stuffed with positive thoughts, happy moments and loads of love.

There is no reason what so ever in crocheting a pink/purple sausage dog with light blue legs. That is exactly what makes it divine. God is neither logical nor reasonable.

The coolest part of crocheting a Dachshund actually is;

I am being myself and I am having fun.

Now, last but not least; let me introduce you to sausage dog.

Let our lives be mindful activities, as we are always our divine selves and have fun.

I love you.

Rev.Dr. Anita Lopp