Life is a Blessing

January 19, 2016 No Comments
19 Jan 2016

Today I read something beautiful on face book: Life is a blessing when we treat it as one.
This statement is so beautiful and so simple.
Let’s count our blessings; I can of course only count my own, yet I can delight in seeing you enjoying yours.
Todays blessing:
IMGP5279We had a heavy frost this morning in the High Desert of California. Even the cacti are dressed in a white, glittery winter coat. It is beautiful. After breakfast I take a tour of the whole campus to check how many water pipes desire a new winter cover. When arriving at my little cottage I realize that water is leaking out from somewhere at the pressure tank of the well. I take off the winter cover to investigate where the system is leaking.
I catch myself thinking; “oh dear what if…” Quick in a hurry, I let that thought sail away with the running water.
I take a deep breath and talk to myself: I can fix this; today I am a plumber, cool.
It turns out that the pressure cachet is broken. “Yes, I can replace that, yuppie!” I add the pressure cachet to my shopping list for our local hardware store, East County Lumber.
The crew of the hardware store is truly cool. They are all very knowledgeable and naturally friendly. I have been in their shop, looking for solutions to many tricky situations and we always found a way to solve it.
Today I march in happy and lighthearted. Bob, the owner, walks towards me with a big smile on his face; “Now Anita, what is it that I can do for you today. “
I can’t repeat exactly what we talked about and why we had such fun; yet we had a ball, all three of us, Bob, his wife and me. We are laughing and giggling while getting all the goodies for my projects.
Happy and ready to succeed in my new profession as a plumber I head home.
You see, depending on my success, I will have water in my house in the evening or not. Well right now it is almost lunchtime. I prepare our lunch peacefully. Herb and I sit at the table totally involved in our conversation for more then an hour after lunch. Not once do I think that I need to rush off to my plumbing job, I feel so relaxed. I am not saying this all because I want to blow my horn so it is heard all the way to the moon. I am telling this story as I do, for I am just so happy that I was not worried at all about the well that needed fixing. That, in it-self for me, is a blessing.
Later on I grab my tools and goodies and head down to the well. While being in the process to replace the pressure cachet, my phone rings. It is my friend Sylvia;” Hi Anita, what are you up to?” I reply; “I am working as a plumber, smile, I am fixing the leak at the well.”
“Would you like to be an auto-mechanic too? My car doesn’t start.”
“Sure, let me just finish this job first and then I shall swing by your place.”
I manage to replace the cachet and low and behold the system runs smoothly again. This is cool.
Now lets have a look at Sylvia’s car. It must be the battery. You see; Hooking up the battery is the one thing this car-mechanic knows how to do. And…it works giggle.
Life is such fun. Life is a blessing when I treat it as one.
I am off to take a hot shower now, big smile.
Rev.Dr Anita Lopp