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GIST - April 2000 Issue
Captain May I

EllenLife is a fun game as I play it by the rule I establish for myself.

Whenever I am in Lugano, Switzerland at my daughter’s house, I love to play with my grandchildren. I feel like I am their age. I live with them in their wonderland of innocent joy. I stand in a row with all five, from Melissa, the smallest, two and a half, to Marcello, the eldest, thirteen to play Captain May I. The game is fun and easy for us kids when we are disciplined when we remember to say Captain May I first. Then are we allowed to take any step forward or sometimes even backwards giant steps, big elephant steps, or baby steps he allows us to make. The first to reach the captain is the happy winner.

It often happens that I am so excited in the game that I forget to say: Captain May I. In great humility, without judgment, I return and start over again. I am untouched by the order of the captain and with a new enthusiasm I once more take the chance to become the winner. I play the game while now I am attentive and always remember!

Walking the spiritual path is much like playing Captain May I. As I play fair by the rules, I am the commander of my life. I remember that I am my own boss and that I choose my priorities according to my delight. I set the course with a happy peaceful heart and easily face any weather condition for I know that I am in control. I listen to the indwelling god, that lovely whispering voice in me and enjoy my journey in confidence. I am a competent happy captain sailing in my ship of life.

Rosalie, The Captain

Once upon a time there was a beautiful lady, her name was Rosalie. Rosalie had four children, now grown, living on their own. Divorced from her wealthy husband whom she unconditionally loved and respected by her children, Rosalie lives in a world of absolute giving. She generously gives to her children and her grandchildren so that she sometimes forgets to say Captain May I to herself. The captain is her inner voice which guides her day-in-day-out for her highest and best.

So it happened that her spiritual mentor was coming to visit her from far over the ocean. She had not seen him for fifteen years though she was in constant spiritual contact with him. He always was there for her and her children while she went through times of trial. He taught her to listen to her inner voice and to follow what she hears. She played her game well until challenges overwhelmed her. Rosalie forgot that she was the captain in command. Instead of listening to her first intuitive thought, she listened to the neighbors, to her children, to an outer world of tales which brought her some confusion.

Her sharer arrived. He spent half a day with her. Rosalie was full of joy. Every penny she saved she spent to serve him and to make his visit an unforgettable event. She prepared a special meal and set a splendid table for seven including her four children. Little candle lights wrapped the almost naked-unfurnished room in a warm atmosphere.

Rosalie and her mentor shared a delightful afternoon in philosophical discussions. She was happy and uplifted. She wondered: Where are my children? Their four seats at the table were empty. All the food she had prepared wilted on the table. She forgot that her sharer came to see HER. She is his student; she is ready to learn and to listen. Rosalie did not remember to allow herself to be herself saying: Captain May I be myself and enjoy this afternoon by giving one hundred per cent of myself to this important meeting with my sharer.

After a few moments she remembered.

She learned quickly. Nonjudgmental and unconditionally loving she released her four children from an obligation SHE found important for her. She started fresh with an attitude: My life is important to me. I am the master of my consciousness, I am number one!

Rosalie woke up. Once more she knew that she is the captain of her ship. With elephant steps she newly walks her spiritual path. She enjoys being the winner in her successful happy life.

Dr Ellen Jermini