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GIST - September 2001 Issue
Meditation Paths
On Campus


   A meditation path is a friendly lane. It invites me to walk its length. It encourages me to smoothly and perfectly place one foot before another without obstacles. A meditation path tempts me to quietly listen within myself and hear the beautiful ideas which are bursting out all over my consciousness. A meditation path attracts me to think creative thoughts along the way.

   DURING THE School of the Master I encouraged our candidates to create a meditation path which was uniquely their own design. I asked each of the sharees to take a piece of land, several acres or more, and on it bring forth a meditation path which would be a delight to walk, encourage introspective meditation and most of all be fun to carve out of the mountain fastness of the high desert.
   It was fascinating to watch the men and women, young and old, find their way. Some were creative beyond imagination, others were simple and effective, all said it was a most rewarding time of the day. They had physical work, mental creation and spiritual illumination for their efforts.
   Today these corridors invite the Monks and campus guests to wend their meditative way through miles of foot trails dropping into the valley and ascending into the higher mountain reaches, gently and harmoniously allowing passage with a minimum of hindrance. 
   Some of the Monks love to walk barefoot along the sandy passageways to inner awareness. Everywhere they are private and allow peaceful listening within. 
   These paths are so nobly done, so harmoniously created, free for movement, that Monks, students and friends who blissfully travel these invitations to inner revelation sing their praises after every visit.

The Grand Daddy
Of Meditation Paths

   SINCE BUILDING the meditation path had been so rewarding I suggested the Monks create a meditation path surrounding our 104 acre campus at the end of Far Valley Road. The grounds are surrounded by federally owned land of the United States Bureau of Land Management. 
   This BLM land is available for anyone to walk on and enjoy. It is not accessible by automobile. Off-road vehicles and dirt bikes are prohibited. It is a minimum of a one mile wide stretch between the Mexican border and surrounding property. Plus, within its BLM realm are thousands upon thousands of acres of Indian Reservation land.
   The site of the Absolute Monastery serving the Church of God Unlimited, the University of Healing, the University of Philosophy, the School of the Master and many more aspects of the Monastery is ideal. Meditation paths within its scope are a natural. While the hills are alive with the sound of music from nature providing its grandest orchestra, the silence that pervades the area is equally spectacular.
   The campus Monks decided to create the circumference path.
   Together the Monks gathered ribbon to tie to bushes and trees defining the way of the path. Cans of orange spray paint were helpful to make a definite mark where there were no growing bushes or trees-going straight up the rocky bluffs which towered into the heavens. 
   Imaginatively the group gathered free standing stones with which to build cairns to mark the various twists and turns over and through the mountainsides. Beginning from the already beautiful existing meditation paths the group tried to remember that many of them were Swiss before they became American citizens. They tried to remember the many lovely hiking trails through the Swiss Alps which attracts thousands upon thousands of climbers, mediators and visitors every year.
   However, the task of finding firm ground on the mountainside to establish a walkway is not easy. It is a chore just attempting to see where the path is going. 
   The path is still in its infancy. It ambles hither and yon over the sloping side of the granite bluffs. To call it a meditation path is like calling sand paper emery cloth. The precipitous climb, arduously demanding one's full attention will one day be a meditation path, but for now it is rather a para corps path designed to give maximum physical exercise over a given distance.
   The path project goes on daily with the monks alternately going up the 600 feet to the top from our valley elevation. As I see what they are doing, I stand in awe of their creative genius and meditative paradise in the grounds of the ORDER OF ABSOLUTE.
   The continual miracle of genius being born as the meditation path unfolds is a neverending surprise for all of the Monastery Monks.

My Life, My Wife, My Work In Order Again

   STUDENTS OF THE University of Healing continually experience miracles as they apply the course work they are engaged in. 
   One eager student had been experiencing some difficulty with his relationship with his wife, with the success of his business and with life in general. Every day he read the lessons from the Art and Science of Wholeness out loud to himself, three times daily. He was diligent-and still is-in his course work.
   For a few weeks he contacted me almost daily telling me of the problems in his life and the desire for a solution. I told him to put the Law in motion and the results would amaze him. 
   Dubiously he persisted. The daily nagging experiences belying his words of joy and happiness, success and right relationships. But persist he did until he wrote a series of letters exalting the miracles now taking place in his life in so many ways.

   Beloved Dean 
   Never in my wildest imagination would I have ever realized as to how this Law works. How swiftly it delivers whatever. But of course we have to be aware of our intentions as to what we place in motion. 
   Boy, I can tell you it works alright. 
   Even the most improbable set of circumstances which seemed totally hopeless, all turned around in a matter weeks, in so many areas. 
   My thoughts are transformed so much into a positive state of beingness that everyone in my presence can only express that which is positive and wholesome.
   Even the animals are responding to me on the streets harmoniously. Next my growing business took me away for three weeks. On my return after I was greeted by my family I went out to the back yard and our cat who responds to my wife much more so than to me, leaped two feet towards me and cried out as she would say, 'I missed you'. 
   In a matter of weeks, my wife, who believed that she had a complete nervous breakdown and lost any purpose in life, made a complete turn around in her attitude and outlook. She has regained her weight. She is so much happier in herself and loving to me.
   She told me that I am the reason she is so happy and loving. She said that her change is because of my total turn-about in my attitudes and my positive outlook. She cannot believe that I am the same person as I was four weeks ago.
   You see, I did change the thoughts I had in my consciousness. And the results are indeed a generous presentation. Not just in right relationships but in my business transactions as well.
   The world is indeed a fabulous stage. 
   I send you all of my- our-love!
   I responded to him: You are the miracle!
   As you apply the philosophy, as you read your Art And Science Of Wholeness, as you positively apply the Law of cause and effect in your life, miracles happen, and keep on happening. This is the way it should be and the way it is. You have seen it happen so beautifully.
   Your letter is so beautiful I will use it in part in my Serendipity column in the GIST for September. I will change the names.
   Thanks for sharing.
   The Dean.

   All of our lives are filled with opportunity to apply our awareness of the principle which guides our existence. Using the Law of cause and effect we do all of the time. Using the Law of cause and effect purposefully, that is what we do when we are in charge of who we are.


-Dr Herbert L Beierle