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GIST - February 2002 Issue
The Magic Of Believing In Myself


     The magic of believing in myself is one of the most exciting experiences any of us can ever undertake. I found that believing in myself I could achieve any goal in my heart, any dream I have ever considered and any thing I could imagine.

It Happened In Las Vegas

       DR ELLEN JERMINI, UNI marketing director, and I went to Las Vegas to give a seminar mid November and had an experience unequaled. Ostensibly the purpose was to give a seminar and creative workshop entitled Creative Magic Workshop of Believing in Yourself. However, after arriving in Las Vegas I found that old acquaintances and students began to pop-up out of nowhere and it was like "old home week" as I renewed old memories.
       From her God Unlimited Church Symphony of Creation, a metaphysical teaching, healing and counseling center, our student Rev Rhonda Joyce directed the seminar and provided us with the Las Vegas Religious Science Church as our activity site. The charming church north in the city-first of all-was a place of particular order and beauty. Rev Sheila Weldon, minister, was careful to have the church and its spacious grounds reflect the orderliness of her teaching of the Law of cause and effect. If she wanted to have order in her life she made order in her outer world as well as in her thought. We had met earlier this year at the International New Thought Alliance congress in Las Vegas.
       As the seminar began a young man with a luxurious full face beard and well groomed long hair, reminiscent of the 70's, appeared at the church door. We welcomed Jesse as a seminar participant. He drank coffee and ate cookies with us as though they were going out of style. He told us he is a graphic artist and paints American Flags on walls, or anywhere desired. Previously he had painted other symbols on walls across America.
       He had a dilemma, however; three days ago he had misplaced his motorhome. He had parked it before a church and used their electricity to charge his weak battery. He then took a spacious walk about the city and got lost. He did not remember where he left his motorhome and his friend.
       During our noon lunch I suggested to Rhonda's friend Robert Shappy that he take Jesse along and they would spot his motorhome. Both were incredulous that such a lucky break would happen, but they did as I requested. Robert too is a custom artist who does murals, walls, pools, vehicles, portraits, framed canvas and a variety of other creative expressions. He and Jesse are a matched pair. Within the hour Robert returned without Jesse. Jesse had found his motorhome and his friend. They instantly moved their charged motorhome. Robert said it was like magic, they went the way he said, not where Jesse thought, and immediately they came upon his motorhome. I explained to Robert it was the magic of believing in yourself and it works every time.
       Rev Bernie Welan, who operates a metaphysical training center in Las Vegas, had not seen me since he graduated from the UNI in 1976. He looked like a powerful wrestler with strong penetrating eyes, an alert mind and a great sense of humor. He is a cantor in synagogues and loves to sit in on "after hours" in clubs of Las Vegas where prominent musicians hang around after the show is over. He is accorded a seat of honor among the talented men and women and is well known to all of them. He had introduced Rhonda to the UNI a few years ago. As I heartily patted him on his barrel chested back he chided me, "You know I am 84, take it easy." You could have fooled me. He looked in his 50s. When he speaks his voice carries powerfully over the room and commands instant attention. 
       Bernie spoke with the others present and offered continuous advice and suggestions to them during each pause. As I spoke sharing the UNI philosophy with quips and wisdom, Bernie continually offered verbal applause and support of everything that I was telling the group. Though he had heard me on tape, he had not heard me in person since 1977. He told the group how he and I walked the meditation paths of the campus and talked philosophy for hours on end.
       Jennifer Black, Connie Napolitani, Curtis Carlson and Veronica Danzer asked scores of questions as I explained that we alone live the magic of believing in ourselves. I demonstrated how to relax and let go of all apparent needs that we can so readily do without to tap into the unlimited possibilities that lie within us. We can do all this by changing our perception and reclaim the power within us finding our magical illuminating self.
       I explained how using our blessing book, our magic book, we will find that we have many more magical experiences than we ever give yourself credit for. It is in writing down our "happenings" every day that we realize we have so many of them, otherwise we think that nothing is happening. 
       The emotional sensation and pitch was so high that when the seminar ended no one wanted to leave their chairs. In fact, after each lecture, everyone remained seated hoping for more immediately.
       As we give our very best in every experience, great blessings flood our lives. If we are reluctant to enter into the game of life, the fame of every happening, we fail to truly take home the blessings awaiting us there.

A Wanna Be Monk

       AFTER A FABULOUS seminar in Leuen- berg Switzerland and Monte Bré Sopra Locarno, Tessin, participants went home with the sense of intense illumination. They came to the seminars throughout Switzerland and Germany with the intention of getting something, but really not knowing exactly just how much they were going to take home with them.
       One participant from Switzerland came to campus November 15 through the end of the month: To get a taste of monastery life and begin the course work of the University of Healing.
       Gerd Braun is a successful entrepreneur in Switzerland near St Gallen. He works with people in creating good health through massage and Ayurveda treatment. He runs a very busy establishment. However, on campus he became a monk in training. He followed all of the directives given him and quickly recognized why things are done: all to train him in selfdiscipline, selfde- dication, selfdetermination and selfdiligence-leading to his selfawarness and being able to love unconditionally.
       He floundered in his mind many times, but quickly took charge and after an introspective walk on the meditation path he returned a renewed being. He learned to relax in the Jacuzzi and exercise on the Exercycle and SwimEx so completely that when it was time for bed he fell to the floor and slept soundly. He had time every day to read his lessons three times every day. He worked on his required reading and listening tapes. He proved to be a sincere and diligent student. It was evident in his mental attitude, his physical attitude and most of all an inner spiritual awareness. 
       As Gerd said, "I can see the change in me." As I say to Gerd and to all of the other Monks and Novices, "If you could see what I see, you would really be thrilled."
       I AM THE MIRACLE in my life. As I am consistent in speaking my word and claiming the truth about myself, everything that I desire manifests, every dream I consider is complete and I live in my eternally perfect ideal spirit mind and body at all times and I am happy beyond words. What a nice way to go!

-Dr Herbert L Beierle