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GIST - March/April 2003 Issue
Being A Nurse

Ellen      WE GENERALLY think of a nurse as a person who is skilled in caring for sick or infirm people. They are great beings as they all encourage their patients to be positive and see themselves healthy.
     The other day I brought my friend Dorothea to the emergency center of a San Diego hospital. During our endless waiting I had the opportunity to know what it means to serve as a nurse--looking clear of the appearance, beyond the game of sickness.
     While bringing Dorothea in and out of the registration offices of the emergency room, I could not miss seeing a young man, George, in the fetal position all wrapped up in HIS wheel chair. As though forgotten from the rest of the world he sat there alone in the farthest corner of a corridor pathetically waiting his turn. A white hospital blanket partly covered his "hurting" body. Tightly and securely his security blanket covered his blue jeans. He looked weary; his head resting uncomfortably on his chest. As I passed by he was unabashedly checking me out with his clear dark brown eyes. 
     Spontaneously I stopped at his side giving him a big warm smile. He hesitantly smiled back. I gently healingly put my hand on his shoulder to share with him a few encouraging words. "Cheer up Mr Handsome," it energetically popped out of my mouth as I looked at his handsome black face. "It is all a matter of thinking positive," I insisted inanely. 
     "It is all a matter of letting your body know that it is whole and perfect," I said with a little more substance to my words, "it works and brings the changes you like to experience."
     My few words brightened his face and with a releasing sigh and a smile he answered simply, "Yes, I know." 
     George IS whole and perfect, I confirmed within myself reminding me of my role of being a practitioner, an untouched nurse. Then off I went to Dorothea to take a seat near her.
     Four hours had passed since we arrived in the emergency room and still we were waiting for Dorothea to be seen by a doctor, others present had a more urgent emergency. 
     I felt hungry. I heard there was a pizza place nearby, so without a moment of hesitation, I ran next door to buy two of their biggest pizzas and lots of soda and water. What a lovely picture I saw on my return! There was my "sick" friend George sitting next to Dorothea. They were chatting merrily infusing each other with encouraging thoughts letting all the rest of the patients participate in their penetrating conversation of wholeness. 
     Oh the pizzas I brought--one with everything on it, the other a vege pizza--were big, yummy and smelled delicious! There was plenty to share around with our friends who were encircling Dorothea and me. With great delight I offered George a portion thinking that he must be awfully hungry waiting here since noon. But with a whining voice he mumbled, "I am without food since three days. I cannot even hold down one drop of water. Thatís why I am here." 
     I could not accept his excuse for real as it was obvious that he had long changed his attitude and now felt good. His security blanket--the white hospital blanket--was lying useless on the floor and his once pale face now radiated serenity.
     "Have a sip of water," I said, offering him one of my bottles I had just bought. "Oh, no, I cannot even hold down water," he complained again.
     True, I had forgotten, I reminded myself. 
     "But I feel much better, since I talked to you," George mumbled while watching me enjoying my tasty pizza. 
     "Yes, you are right, positive thinking helps," he tried to keep up our conversation.
     George you are whole and perfect, I announced loud and clearly into the room. Everyone could hear my statement and each raised his head to stare at me. Each patient appeared different to me now too--whole and perfect. All looked relaxed and healthy, and they were.
     "Something happened," George confessed. "Yes, something has happened! Strange, but I feel so much better. I wonder?"
     I smiled confident in my belief. At this moment I remembered that I had a bottle of diet juice with me. I had been drinking this juice for several days to cleanse my body and I still had half a bottle.
     I have a miracle meal for you, I guaranteed my friend. It is a cup of pure maple syrup and a cup of pure lemon juice and a dash of cayenne pepper mixed with in a gallon of water. This juice has healed many people and it will rehabilitate you completely. Are you ready to accept (and in the emergency room of a hospital yet)?
     Seldom have I seen a person so eager to be cooperative. 
     Slowly George sipped the miracle juice. He took a first, a second, a third sip like tasting a fine wine. Then he asked, "May I keep the bottle with the rest of the juice? It really does me good." 
     Of course, I happily answered watching his beaming eyes and his radiant facial expression. 
     After five minutes he determinedly stood up from his wheelchair, pushed it uselessly aside and exclaimed, "I am healed. I feel perfect. I am going to catch a bus and go home. I feel perfect."
     Everyone in the waiting room looked at him with surprising eyes as George hugged Dorothea and me to say good-by, ready to leave.
     Without hesitation he marched to the registration desk and canceled his request to be checked by a doctor. George healed himself as he believed!
     Visiting an emergency ward gave ME the chance to be a nurse, to see beyond appearances as I looked at my creation with the eyes of a spiritual practitioner nurse, and the help of the miracle juice, smile.
     To the pure all is pure. Pure eyes see purity. What a test life is! It is fun as I stick to the truth!

-Dr Ellen Jermini