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Losing Our Uniqueness

HerbWe think that survival is the primary desire of humanity. If this were true it would be an easy circumstance to handle. However, our real panic in following the spiritual path is that of losing our human identity.

        Even as Jesus told those who wanted to follow him to leave all else, let the dead bury the dead, render unto Caesar that which is Caesars and unto God that which is Gods.

        Talking with the manager of a stereo installation store he told me he was going to a class on getting to know oneself. Upon further questioning he revealed he was in a theological seminary studying for his master of theology degree. The seminary had students from various denominations and sought to be broadminded while giving a basic biblical teaching. He said all were welcomed into the theological fellowship. He intimated that the greatest fear of each of the students was that they would lose their human identity as they became more and more advanced along the spiritual way.

        Is that a disadvantage?  I asked him.

        Yes, he insisted. We have been "put" here on Earth to be human and to have an identity, to be our individual selves. If we merge in oneness with God there is no reason for us being human.

        You are right, I agreed with him readily. If our purpose in being here is to be human, then losing our humanity, our individuality, is a great loss.

        Yes, yes!  he instantly agreed.

        However, we are here to remember who we are, to remember our divinity. As we do this we will naturally recognize that we are one as all, one as God and being one, even being God, we will be ALL things. I him offered a little logic.

        Okay but I believe we are here to be human. He was adamant and his vision of Christianity was that of being human. He cited many references.

        He did not cite my favorite scripture:

        Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which in heaven is perfect.

—Matthew 5:48

        He looked forlorn, But if we were perfect as God we would not be human and enjoy our bodies, enjoy our world, enjoy our uniqueness.

        I concluded with the comment: Because I cannot now appreciate how it would feel to be a concert pianist, I will not give up practicing. Something within me tells me I will enjoy this greatness. So too, something within me tells me that being one as God, one as who I really am will far excel uniquenes.

Dr Herbert L Beierle