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Religious Educational California Corporation

The University of Healing qualifies for exclusion pursuant to California Education Code (CED) PP94739(b)(c) and has current status as a nonprofit religious educational corporation under the Corporations Code. The University of Healing is not a California private postsecondary educational institute as that term is defined in California law. The nonacademic University of Healing correspondence college is accredited by God Unlimited, a church of meditation, teaching and healing. The University of Healing confers theological degrees upon its graduates.


Accredited by GOD UNLIMITED
A Church of Meditation, Teaching and Healing

Founded Upon:
Good Thought · Good Word · Good Deed


Life's purpose remains always the same: Be yourself and enjoy being yourself. Great minds conclude to do this we practice unconditional love, nonpossession, selfdiscipline, selfawareness, humility and the recognition that the ALLNESS, god, dwells equally in all its creation.

This essence of each religion is ageless and universal. God Unlimited/University of Healing adheres to the original integrity, purity and simplicity of all great teachings.

1101 Far Valley Road
Campo CA 91906-3213

Phone: 1.619.478.5111
E-mail: unihealing@goduni.org
URL: http://www.university-of-healing.edu


Dear Student

Welcome to the philosophical study of the ART AND SCIENCE OF WHOLENESS.

A great adventure awaits you as you become aware of a self you never knew existed. As you lift the lid of convention and ordinariness you find the person who lives inside of you. The one who may have never seen the light of day, or only perhaps on rare occasions as the spark of divinity was enthusiastically fanned by some dream or thought.

This the ART AND SCIENCE OF WHOLENESS helps you reveal.

The great minds of the world are nurtured by the journey within. They are those who have found the great teacher at the center of their own beings. These few have broadened their thinking to the universal outlook.

The earnest student has an open mind; is responsive to truth wherever it may be found; and is curious about the great unknown. These lessons will expand your knowledge and widen your view.

Whatever your present thought system may be, it is responsible for your present condition. If you desire a rich new world of experience you put a new cause in motion and develop and use a new system of thinking.

This is what the University of Healing is all about - a new system of thinking, yet it is as old as the hills and it works for those who are willing to work with it!

     I love you,

herb signature

Dr Herbert L Beierle, Dean,
University of Healing, Campo CA 91906-3213

Training In A Metaphysical University Brings Surprising Results

In every area of life, when you apply yourself diligently to the study or training of any given program, you EXPECT that you will be quite proficient in that area of understanding when you have completed that course of study.

The same is true from your training in the courses of the University of Healing.

You train yourself in these programs to be master of yourself. You train yourself first to be aware of the power which dwells within. Once you know the power within, you use it constructively for whatever you desire from life. As you do, your entire world, your life, your proficiency as a totally perfect, magnificently spiritual being manifests.

Once you have achieved the understanding and awareness of who and what you are, as taught by the University of Healing courses, the natural response is to enjoy a life so filled with whatever it is that you are within yourself that your life is realized!

This sounds like quite a promise.

It is!

And it works!

You attend traditional colleges expecting to be educated. You attend music school expecting to come out an accomplished musician. You take a trade and know that when you receive your masters papers you will be a journeyman and able to do the qualified work expected of you and you will receive the high pay given such masters of your trade.

This is what you can expect when you take the courses of the University of Healing. Applying yourself with all your heart and soul as the finest student you can be, you will express outwardly the sincerity you are within.

First as you prove that you really desire to be the master of yourself, you set aside the necessary tuition donation for the course or even all the courses you wish to take. Once you have paid your way at the college, that is behind you, you can concentrate on your lessons. Paying your tuition donation which covers all the expenses of the course in the very beginning allows your mind to be free to truly apply yourself to being a master in consciousness.

As you set aside time everyday to do your work, the results you experience are unlimited. Daily to set aside three definite periods for meditative study, brings fabulous results. It is important to take three periods at three different times of the day. As you read your lesson out loud to yourself and then meditate upon them, you memorize each lesson and things happen to you. For it becomes part of you.

While you thought nothing of memorizing sonnets and passages from Shakespeare, the results here from placing the beautiful ideas of these courses into consciousness is more meaningful.

As you read the required books and listen to the cassette tapes, doors open in your consciousness. As you review them, write up your critique on them, your observation of what it has meant to you and send these in to the Proctor for grading-you establish new frontiers for your thinking.

Now twenty-four hours everyday you speak statements which reflect the truth about yourself. You say it whenever and wherever you are, to yourself, but you do it with emphasis saying: I AM GOD, GOD I AM! As you do this the reality of this statement sinks in, your life reflects the new you, and all that you once thought impossible is now happening in your life.

You can be led to knowledge but it must be received to be beneficial to you. IT IS TRULY DONE UNTO YOU ACCORDING TO YOUR BELIEF!

So you establish a new belief system and do the business for which you are on this planet Earth-BEING THE MASTER THAT YOU ARE.


The nonacademic University of Healing correspondence college is accredited by God Unlimited, a church of meditation, teaching and healing. It welcomes you to the study of yourself. Within you is the spirit of truth that will lead you into all truth!

You, of yourself, are able to know and understand infinite wisdom as you look within to god consciousness present in everyone. The purpose of this program is not to supplant your own ability to be aware of yourself and your innate capabilities, but to supplement and guide you by directing your attention to the great teacher residing at the center of your being, god within.

Meditating upon the lesson daily you will enjoy its deep spiritual significance.

It is inspiring and helpful to you as a student to begin each study period knowing god within is the teacher. Meditate on that idea and let its meaning unfold in you. As it reveals itself in your mind, you are inspired with new understanding and through an inner awareness, this understanding grows into a vivid realization, a gift to yourself.


As a prospective student for the University of Healing's educational program fill out the APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION AS A STUDENT. Sign both the enrollment form and the Vow of Selfdedication. Enclose your check or credit card information (or make other arrangements with the Dean) and send it to:

1101 Far Valley Road,
Campo CA 91906-3213 USA

before receiving any books, tapes, examinations or lesson assignments.

You are expected to complete each chapter from the textbook and prepare your lesson questions before going on to the next lesson. The paper containing your answers and essay will be graded and a copy is returned to you.

You are to prepare your own work in your own words expressing the principles of spiritual wholeness as you understand them from the lessons you have read of the courses as presented by the University of Healing.

The course work is for mature students.

Always keep a copy of everything you mail to the college - letters, essays, quizzes, book reviews, tape reviews, theses and dissertations (all drafts). Should your mail not arrive you have a copy to make a copy from to send in again.

Reading each lesson three times daily out loud to yourself for one full week gives you ample time to digest, acquire and meditate upon the ideas of the lesson and to begin using them in your daily life. It is in daily systematic study and meditation accompanied by constantly applying the principles of each lesson that is of primary importance.

This learning procedure is tested universally by schools of psychology and philosophy.

The technique works.

Within you is a divine biocomputer awaiting input from you. As your human brain is given new and constructive habit systems, your entire life experience changes to enjoy this uplifting creation you are making of and for yourself.

The primary purpose of the University of Healing is to inspire you to attain an understanding of the spiritual principles that assist you in your daily living.

Through these courses you come into a better understanding of the true principles of prayer treatment, wholeness and abundance. You reveal the divinity within guiding you in your individual life as well as in daily relationships with your fellow beings, your creation.


The University of Healing is an outgrowth of GOD UNLIMITED, a church of meditation, teaching and healing. The congregation desires to share this philosophy and this way of life. To do this required a very special educational program unavailable in any traditional college or university, or through other metaphysical schools.

The purpose of training as a practitioner through the University of Healing is to reveal your divine nature to its greatest potential.

Established in 1948 the University of Healing is preponderantly philosophy. The history of philosophy is the history of our curiosity.

You seek knowledge not only of what you see but also of what is beyond the limit of your senses. The first philosopher was the first being. Philosophy is defined as the love of wisdom.

Philosophy describes the search for a speculative understanding of the values, ideals and reality of an individual or a group. Your way of life.

The University of Healing is primarily metaphysical. The broadest and most speculative field of philosophy is metaphysics. It is the study of the force behind the world of natural experience-the divine. Metaphysics is concerned with the nature of being as such, rather than with the nature of specific beings. A system of metaphysics attempts to give you knowledge about the ultimate nature of the universe - its origin and structures (cosmology) and its creation (cosmogony).


As you progress through the courses available in the various colleges, schools, academies and seminary of the University of Healing, you will find that wholeness is the keynote wherein you lack nothing as all belongs to you.

You will better understand what is meant by to heal.

As Webster's Dictionary points out under the heading of heal:

heal: 3. to restore to original purity and integrity.

So when you go back to the original purity, you are not taking anything away or adding anything to the friend or yourself, you are revealing the original purity and integrity inherent within.

In working with others, you call them FRIEND rather than patient or any other connotation which denotes something less than expressing the divine perfection within them.


In 1948 the University of Healing was born as an idea in the mind of the founder, Herbert L Beierle, who coming of age, felt a desire for a program of study which would take him from a specific experience of beingness into his totality of being god, which is both his right and his heritage.

All metaphysical schools teach the principle and the presence, the truth about creation, about the method.

Yet you may follow the admonishment of Jesus the Christ who said: Ye are gods; John 10:34; who said: the kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21 and, be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which in heaven is perfect. Matthew 5:48


You may train yourself to state confidently and definitely that I AM GOD, GOD I AM! However, you are heavy hearted, super religious in your affections of your true nature and you fear repercussions from those about you in making the statement about yourself that you are not only a creation of the infinite, but you are indeed the INFINITE ITSELF.

Even today this precious realization is known by many, understood by less and stated by all too few.

All creation recognizes that god is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent - and INDIVISIBLE. But in making these statements of truth you often fail to realize that it is an absolute statement of recognition of the eternal creator. For the creator to be omnipresent means just that - it is NOW EVERYWHERE EQUALLY TOTALLY WONDERFULLY MAGNIFICENTLY PRESENT, god is everywhere and so it cannot then not be somewhere, but God is equally present everywhere. So god is equally present in one and all of its creation and is equally present in one and all of you. So everyone is equally and totally god, that which created it and is within it and is it-and there is none beside it.

Any old faulty logic in your thinking, even in its rarefied use, still must come down to this total realization and proof that you are God and God is you. So each can say I AM GOD and mean it!

For this reason, the founder established the University of Healing in which is taught I AM GOD, GOD I AM and from which each student would come away with this concept emblazoned across the portals of its consciousness forever in total awareness.


To accomplish this the first study program in the undergraduate college and its textbook, The Art And Science Of Wholeness, was written having God speaking directly to its creation as itself. This unique eclectic presentation is the teaching of the master himself, Jesus the Christ, from whom these words are given and the philosophy is revealed. Many other great philosophers, religious leaders and remarkable mystics of history proclaim the same universal truth.

The founder - an aficionado of philosophy, religion and psychology - has drawn upon these media from which to build the courses of the University of Healing. Primary emphasis has been given to the recognition that you are god and outpicture, demonstrate in your life, that which you are by being aware of this being and being it. Once this primary emphasis is made real for you - everything else falls into place. Your life is abundant with happiness, right action, success, peace, health, substance and harmony.

With doctorates in philosophy and religion, the founder has been educated in traditional schools - a Jesuit university, Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and the University of Chicago, for his undergraduate work; a Congregational seminary, Chicago Theological Seminary, for his graduate work; served in the Silent Unity healing ministry and trained as a minister in Unity School of Christianity; and also trained and served as a minister of the United Church of Religious Science, founding two of its churches in Minnesota and pastoring others. He was an editor of Science of Mind magazine.

The founder conducts workshops, seminars, lectures and speaks before university, college, church and civic groups across the United States and around the world on the effectiveness of spiritual healing. The textbooks of the University of Healing are available in German - some Russian, Italian and French - and are now being translated into other languages. He works in concert with scientists worldwide investigating internal states of consciousness sponsored by the Menninger Foundation.

The metaphysical techniques work and are proven in scientific laboratories.


The University of Healing is in corporate harmony with the Church of God Unlimited, a church of meditation, teaching and healing, and the Absolute Monastery.

They are jointly incorporated in the State of California and authorized by statue to teach the art of spiritual healing, create branch churches, ordain ministers, establish practitioners to this religious philosophy, serve around the world sponsoring churches and branches there, create meditation centers and establish a religious, educational and charitable university called the University of Healing to espouse and promote its teachings and to provide through its courses of study ordinations, nonacademic diplomas, certificates and degrees for its students.

The University of Healing is nonacademic and accredited by God Unlimited to perform these tasks.


God Unlimited/University of Healing is a county, state and federally tax exempt nonprofit California religious, educational and charitable corporation working as an international interdenominational church serving around the world through its churches and the University of Healing.

The work of the Church, campus meditation center, and the University are entirely financed by voluntary contributions and love offerings which are tax deductible.

Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers of stock and other gifts for the use of God Unlimited/University of Healing are deductible from Federal, State, Estate and Gift Tax purposes.

The Student Syllabus

The SYLLABUS gives a comprehensive view of the University courses. The University of Healing is designed to provide a foundation in learning the art and science of healing.

You do not have to die, grow old, be ill, suffer lack, or experience anything negative.

Perfect physical, mental and spiritual health is your birthright and you should be experiencing it today. The University of Healing shows how to heal yourself and others through scientifically proven processes.


Each course of the University of Healing is designed to be undertaken by you in the same manner. There are textbooks which have a specific number of chapters. Sometimes the lesson is a chapter or a one page poem or a one page topic.

Each lesson is designed to be READ OUT LOUD THREE TIMES DAILY FOR ONE WEEK (SEVEN DAYS). At the end of the seven days of reading the lesson out loud to yourself, you take a true and false examination and write an essay of exactly 100 words which is written on the examination paper. Each essay is written in the FIRST PERSON, PRESENT TENSE, POSITIVE. Each essay question significantly checks to see if you have apprehended the true meaning of that portion of the lesson.

It is recommended you make it a practice to use the dictionary to be assured of the full definition used for the words in the examination and essay. Each lesson has one essay question and you use the new vocabulary acquired in the course in your writing. The essay questions gives you the opportunity to tell in your own positive words the most valued understanding gained from the lesson.

ONE COPY of each examination and essay is made and the original is mailed in with your love offering to the Office of the Dean for the Proctor to grade. Retain a copy of ALL correspondence and course work should any mail go astray. After grading, the lesson is placed in your permanent file and a copy, with notations from the Proctor, is returned to you.

Type your 100 word essay on the front of the examination paper, double spaced, in the space provided. At the conclusion of the essay type 100 words indicating that you have counted the words and there are exactly one hundred words.

The requirement of the 100 word essay is part of your discipline exercise. Two points are taken off for each word too many or too few from your lesson grade. You are required to achieve a grade average of 80% in the undergraduate course, 85% average in the graduate program, and 90% average in the post graduate work. If the essay is too long the Proctor may ask you to redo the essay and align with the rules. If you do not type send a sample of your handwriting or printing to the Proctor for approval.

Correct spelling, good grammar and using the rules of English, will be evident in your compositions.

There is no final examination in any of the colleges of the University of Healing, or in any of its courses. If you are sincere, you will have no difficulty to accomplish the work in these colleges.

Be sure to place your full name, address and date on all work submitted to the University of Healing. Many people have the same first names, and some the same last names, so the address is an additional insurance that you will be properly credited for the work you have completed.


Part of the course grade is from the book review. Each book review is written in the FIRST PERSON, PRESENT TENSE, POSITIVE - from what the book said to you.

A book review is to be typewritten with exactly 500 words on 8 x 11 sheets of plain white paper, double spaced, one side, with a one inch margin on all sides.

When writing the book reviews, remember the Proctor reads each volume many times. What is desired from you is your thinking, your attitude of mind and your concepts of philosophical understanding specifically experienced from the volumes. As you draw this valuable learning from the readings, you will find that the books become significantly more meaningful to you.


Write a personal review of each side of the cassette tape topic. There are two lectures on each tape on aspects of wholeness. Your review on the tapes is to be written in the FIRST PERSON, PRESENT TENSE, POSITIVE format - what did the cassette lectures say to YOU personally.

A tape review is to be typewritten with exactly 500 words on 8" x 11" sheets of plain white paper, double spaced, one side, with a one inch margin on all sides.


As candidates for the degree programs, ordination and practitioner studies of the University of Healing, you submit a THREE-STAGE-PAPER upon the conclusion of your work in the various divisions of the University prior to receiving your nonacademic scholastic degree in that college.


Submit the title and outline of your thesis or dissertation to the Proctor.


Submit your rough draft to the Proctor.


Submit your FINAL DRAFT to the Proctor for approval by the Board of Regents for your degree candidacy.

YOUR FINAL 3000 WORD DRAFT is done representing your finest quality, the very best that you can produce at your level of consciousness. It is typewritten on pages of 8" x 11" white paper, one side, double spaced, leaving a one inch margin on all sides.

Included at the top of each numbered page is your name, address, the name of the course, the title of the thesis/dissertation and the date.

Each thesis/dissertation is written in the FIRST PERSON, PRESENT TENSE, TOTALLY POSITIVE in its content and format.

A thesis is from a candidate seeking an ordination or degrees in the undergraduate or graduate divisions of the University of Healing.

The thesis is written with exactly 3000 words for the undergraduate courses and graduate programs.

A dissertation is written for the professional degree program in the post graduate level with also exactly 3000 words.

Each candidate offers to the Proctor, midcourse, the subject title of his thesis or dissertation, an outline of that paper and then a rough draft of the proposed offering.

By the completion of the course work the candidate will have submitted the FINAL DRAFT for Board of Regents' approval.

The subject will be an area of SPIRITUAL WHOLENESS (or as is defined in the topic for practitioner or ministerial work) with its foundation taken directly from the text of that particular course. You are expected to use the textbook of your given course as the basis for your writings.

As a degree candidate you will then glean from your own consciousness, the divine wisdom within you as to what you understand of that area of SPIRITUAL WHOLENESS.

As a degree candidate you will submit to the Proctor all of your drafts of your theses and dissertations for general suggestions, approval of content and impact of your work.

Prepare the FINAL DRAFT of your thesis or dissertation, and submit the original copy to be retained in your permanent records at the University, a copy will be returned to you with comments from the Dean, Proctor or the Board of Regents, who approve your candidacy for your degree status.

The THESIS is a development of a proposition on a position that you as a candidate for scholastic honors advance and offer to maintain your position by discussion and understanding in the FIRST PERSON, PRESENT TENSE, POSITIVE format.

A DISSERTATION is a paper submitted by you as a doctoral candidate. It embodies the results of your original thinking and mental research which is specifically substantiating a particular view on your area of study. It is one written by you as a candidate for any academic/nonacademic degree and plays the largest part in your graduation.


The book reviews, essays, tape reviews, theses and dissertations are called manuscripts for the purpose of the University of Healing students preparing acceptable course work.

The following information is universally followed - Manuscript Preparation:

All theses may be published in the GIST.

The graduate thesis and post graduate dissertation are published in the school quarterly magazine GIST.