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What Students Say


To all the staff at the University of Healing,

Thank you for forwarding me my Bachelor of Metaphysics degree. I now experience my world differently as I complete the Art and Science of Wholeness course. Subtly, yet powerfully the course cleans the dust from the windows of my perception of myself and my world. I see the truth of who I am.

In diligently applying myself to the course I find those windows are now thrown open and as well as understanding my reality I now experience the sweet breeze that carries the freedom and joy of simply being into my life. I now fully realize that I am in control of my world and that so called "miracles" are actually the common occurrences in my day the true outpicturing of my inherent divine nature.

Once again thank you all for your loving attention to my journey over the last nine months. You are truly among my most fabulous creations.

Love you, Love, John Charles Dainty B.Surv Msc.B, New Zealand


Since I have studied with the University of Healing my life is based on discipline. I have learned about life and how best to live in a great and wonderful way. The word LOVE has taken a new meaning for me. I feel pure joy bubbling forth out of my heart which often brings me into an experience of ecstasy. My vision of life is unlimited. Thank you my dear friends of the UNI for giving me the opportunity to share these my sincere thoughts.

Much love, joy, laughter and bushels of hugs. Frances Enz, Missouri


I have searched and studied hundreds of articles and books on self development in hope of finding the light for joy and happiness. Most were enlightened information but it was not until I enrolled and began my studies with God Unlimited/University of Healing did I learn the method of communication with myself.

The exercise of communication developed by the University of Healing in the first person, present tense, positive is the most impressive and profound of all methods I have studied.

From the very first lesson in The Art and Science of Wholeness by Dr Herbert L Beierle, the course began with the lesson that awaken the joy in me "I am that I am" and the light of joy and happiness exploded within me.

Teddy Forbes, Bahamas