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What To Expect

What You Can Expect To Happen After You Enroll

You Are The Greatest

In every area of life, when you apply yourself diligently to the study or training of any given program, you EXPECT that you will be quite proficient in that area of understanding when you have completed that course of study.

The same is true from your training in the courses of the University of Healing. You train yourself in these programs to be master of yourself. You train yourself first to be aware of the power which dwells within. Once you know the power within, you use it constructively for whatever you desire from life. As you do, your entire world, your life, your proficiency as a totally perfect, magnificently spiritual being, manifests.

Once you have achieved the understanding and awareness of who and what you are as taught by the University of Healing courses the natural response is to enjoy a life filled with whatever it is that you are within yourself so your life is realized! This sounds like quite a promise.

It is!

And It Works!

You attend traditional colleges expecting to be educated. You attend music school expecting to come out an accomplished musician. You take a trade and know that when you receive your masters papers you will be a journeyman and able to do the qualified work expected of you and you will receive the high pay given such masters of your trade.

This is what you can expect when you take the courses of the University of Healing. Applying yourself with all your heart and soul as the finest student you can be, you will express outwardly the sincerity you are within.

First, as you prove that you really desire to be the master of yourself, you set aside the necessary tuition donation for the course or even all the courses you wish to take. Once you have paid your way at the college, that is behind you, you can concentrate on your lessons. Paying your tuition donation which covers all the expenses of the course in the very beginning allows your mind to be free to truly apply yourself to being a master in consciousness.

As you set aside time everyday to do your work, the results you experience are unlimited. Daily to set aside three definite periods for meditative study, brings fabulous results. It is important to take three periods at three different times of the day. As you read your lesson out loud to yourself and then meditate upon them, you automatically memorize each lesson and things happen to you. For it becomes part of you.

While you thought nothing of memorizing sonnets and passages from Shakespeare, the results here from placing the beautiful ideas of these courses into consciousness is more meaningful.

As you read the required books and listen to the cassette tapes, doors open in your consciousness. As you review them, write up your opinion on them, your observation of what it has meant to you and send these in to the Proctor for grading, you establish new frontiers for your thinking.

Now twenty-four hours everyday you speak statements which reflect the truth about yourself. You say it whenever and wherever you are, to yourself, but you do it with emphasis saying: I am god, god I am! As you do this the reality of this statement sinks in, your life reflects the new you, and all that you once thought impossible is now happening in your life.

You can be led to knowledge but it must be received to be beneficial to you. It is truly done unto you according to your belief!

So you establish a new belief system and do the business for which you are on this planet Earth: Being yourself the master that you are, have fun.

Expect that you will be quite proficient in that area of understanding when you have completed that course of study.