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GIST - January 2000 Issue
The King, My Mirror!

EllenIt was two days before Christmas when I strolled through the busy shopping center of Fletcher Parkway in El Cajon. This morning I made a wish: I am going to buy a dog, a Mini Pinscher! He will be a beautiful tool for mirroring my thoughts. Mini Pinschers are smart, alert, lively and well trainable.

It must be fun to care for such a special creature, I thought, while window- shopping in the pet store. Among the choice of the cutest doggies, I had an option of eight Mini Pinschers from 2-6 months old.

Instantly I was drawn to three tiny wrestling Mini Pinschers two sisters and their brother, uninhibitedly rolling like a lively woolen ball in their cozy basket. Young and old flattened their noses against the window closely watching three puppies delightfully playing.

On my request, the shop-girl picked up the little doggy boy. Clumsily tiny like a guinea pig he skillfully walked the narrow counter. Gracefully he stood showing off his shiny, beautifully designed, brown and black, naturally short hair. Instantly, I fell for his wise loving expression! In his charmingly sincere eyes, I read his great wish: TAKE ME!

Irresistibly I raised him up, so light and tiny. He fit into just one hand. Come, we are going to have fun, I whispered in his cropped pointed brown ears, cuddling him in my arms and holding him next to my cheek. Possessively he licked my hands and my face snuggling closer and closer to feel the warmth of my body. I thought: You are the chosen one and you will enjoy dashing through the bushes and the brush in the vast high desert of our property.

We were both satisfied with my choice. I took him home. During OUR hour-long drive, we had our first dialog. I said to my precious puppy: You are a healthy, peaceful, loving, wonderful, intelligent little dog. You are my little King. Quietly he sat next to me in his cardboard house attentively listening to my every word. Here and there he agreeably sang his loving answer. We had our first gentling time together. The hour-long trip on the Freeway flew by in an instant.

Showing my little treasure to the monks in the Absolute Monastery, they gave our puppy their warmest welcome. In awe and admiration we baptized him with the royal name KING BELLO! Schnauzer dog Button and our ten-month- old Mini Pinscher Duke received the new born KING as their so minuscule playmate on our great UNI grounds.

The King Is Blossoming
In His Regal Role

King Inside

To care for a little puppy, is like caring for a baby. It wants attention and cries and whimpers talking its own language. That is the moment of opportunity: to be in control, I reminded myself while watching KING whining in his playpen, untiringly begging to be taken up. Capably he jumps up and down on his two trim back paws persisting on his request. As small as he is he amazes me in his incredible acrobatic skills. In just an instant, he climbs up the barrier of his fastidious enclosure. I watch my little "monkey" arriving on top of the two-foot high rail! With one great jump he is out. FREE to discover his world!

His little black eyes radiate victory. Pleased with himself he takes off like a rocket running through our large living room enjoying his new adventuresome life. Full of spit and vinegar, King runs around the table, crawls under the couch, unexpectedly appearing on another side ready for more fun. Well hidden behind the pedestal of the piano he jumps for some dangling electrical wires so inviting to play with. What a joy he has hopping around, I think to myself, delighted about his imaginative creativity.

Nothing stops him until he discovers our three- year-old Schnauzer dog Button. Button lies peacefully stretched in his preferred corner, so quiet, so relaxed, not giving any attention to his little distressing friend. Button enjoys hours of deep meditation, where nothing can disturb him. King paddles himself through Button’s unusually long winter fur, trying to cuddle in with his brother. Playfully he pulls on his white Schnauzer beard to get his attention. Button remains untouched!

The joy-filled puppy tries it all even showing his "old buddy" with sniffling kisses and licking caresses. He settles down to nestle into Button’s curly stomach. Ever so close to him. Now the two dogs are cuddled together wrapped in unison, each in their own meditation admirably loving.

What a mirror of patience, love and harmony. What an understanding!

I love to look into the mirror of my little King. He is the most adorably happy puppy I have ever seen. In him, I recognize my oneness with all life.