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GIST - January 2000 Issue
Year Of The Master

HerbThis is the year I cease speaking in the second, third person and the future. I confidently speak in the first person, present tense, positive.

This year I begin a new millennium, a new century. This opening millennial year is the YEAR OF THE MASTER. During this year, I see my individual star of excellence and achieve it with ease. I enter a period of great happiness.

The Year of the Master describes my goal. It stands in my heart par excellence. For it is during this year beginning right now I claim the truth about me.

The truth about me is that I am divine and it is my preeminent delight to act that way.

The difference it makes in my life to act the role of a master is that I depart from all human chance and doubt. I work confidently and securely in the realization that every thought I think is manifest. I have known this. I have found this to be true. I know it so thoroughly that I wonder why I seemed to believe otherwise. Then I wake up to the concept that all I do is a game. I enjoy games.

Being a master is a game too.

Being a master is the best game around.

Being a master the guesswork is out of my experience and the inner knowingness, which has always been at the foundation of my life, now is dominant. I confidently say of me: I know that I know that I know, the divine in me is the answer to all. Living by this standard an inner assurance overwhelms me and I live in peace and joyful fulfillment.