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GIST - February 2000 Issue
Believe In
Yourself Alone!

Ellen       "Hello! Hello!" I hear an urgent voice on the other end of the phone.

       "I am Bernadette, your student from Kentucky. I am so depressed! Please pray with me. I have a challenge and it frightens me."

       I had not heard from Bernadette for many years. I remember her as a diligent student of the University of Healing. She graduated a dynamic powerful practitioner in the Church of God Unlimited. Twelve years ago, I worked with her regularly. She faced many healing needs. Masterfully and successfully, she met her selfcreated trials. I knew she would do so now.

       "My son is in JAIL!

       "I should have met the judge this afternoon to discuss my sonís case with him, but can you imagine, the judge left before I arrived. I am desperate to know what to do. My son and I are confused."

       "How wonderful, the right moment to talk with the judge is waiting you," I confided. "So what are you going to do next?"

       With a startled explosion of breath, she relaxed. Her professional UNI practitioner training flowing forth she replied, "I will call the judge right now. Iíll ask him for another appointment."

       Now, not even twenty-four later, Bernadette called again.

       "Listen to this," she gushed, "I phoned the judge after I hung up from talking with you. You know what HE said. He said, ĎI am sorry I forgot! I went to a football game with my son. Come, letís meet right now in a nearby restaurant.í"

       Though it was already late, we met over coffee to discuss my sonís case. I spoke my word in treatment: Good goes from me, good comes to me, just like you reminded me to do. You know what! I enjoyed a harmonious talk with the judge AND its culmination: Tomorrow what had been a severe case will officially be dismissed and my son will be home once more in time to celebrate Christmas with us. This is a peaceful conclusion to confusion. It is such a joy."