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GIST - February 2000 Issue
Can I Always Be Positive

It takes practice, but I can always be positive. I practice by keeping my thought based on what I want to experience. I practice by listening to the divine flow within me. I remember that the divine river in me, by my choice, is always beneficial. I practice by knowing that all is thought and so long as I think my thought for my highest and best, that will be my outcome.

Self-help, self-healing, self-wholeness, self-love

By my self-help, self-healing, self-wholeness and self-love, I am always positive. Being positive means that I take charge of my thought, take charge of my attitude, take charge of my action and take charge of the world I create about me.

Take Charge Of My Thought

I take charge of my thought by determining I am master of my thought. If I am master of my thinking I live in an aura of positive thought; I keep every thought in the realm of expectation and experience.

I remembered that every thought I think individually is vitally important. If I laugh at sad jokes, or enjoy shoddy stories, or delight in unhappiness to another, then I can expect that type of thinking to multiply in my life and my experiences. Be it ever so small and seemingly unimportant, any thought entertained in my consciousness manifests in my life.

I know the principle. I know the Law of cause and effect. I know that my thought, however trivial it may appear to be, bears fruit.

The grown son of a daughter of a dear friend of my mother's was experiencing ill health. Mother asked me to treat for him. She said the entire healing ministry was treating for him as well as healing ministries of many other religious groups. I told mother I did not need to hear that others were treating for his wholeness, for that could make me be less effective.

However, I treated for the boy who was living away from home. I spoke my word: I am whole and perfect. John, I see you whole and perfect.

As I did this, I felt a confidence and assurance that the boy was whole and perfect. Mother asked that I write and call the young man and talk with him as a caring minister. She did not need to tell me that, I was only too happy to fulfill her expectation of me.

My thought was John is whole and perfect even as I am. I wrote him, a positive letter stating this truth. I called him several days later after he received the letter and spoke with him. He asked me to instantly come to visit him at his home. I drove to his house affirming the truth I knew for him.

When the door opened, there was John standing there full of health and vigor. He reached out, wrapped his arms around my neck and gave me whooping big hug. He fairly shouted into my face: I am whole and perfect. I know it was YOUR treatment that did it. I know. I know. I know!

Naturally, I was delighted for his happiness. I was confident in my treatment since from the first, I saw myself whole and perfect and then I knew anything I thought of would also be whole and perfect—and so he is.

Who did the healing? The many healing agencies? The many ministers and practitioners who were called in to effectually work on his wholeness? No, it was I. Of this, I must always be sure. My thought is the healing agency. For whatever I think in my thought manifests as a reality in my world and the world of my creation. That is the why the Law of cause and effect functions.

Am I overzealous of the healing power? Hardly. However, whenever I think my thought and place my word into motion, results happen. All of the other agencies may have done their work perfectly also. If I do not believe it is my thought, my word that heals, than I am false to myself and an ineffective practitioner and minister.

I am an effective practitioner. I am an effective minister.

Take Charge Of My Attitude

I take charge of my attitude under all circumstances. Often a condition prevails that makes me see something contrary to the wholeness, which it is my nature to be. When this happens I immediately speak positively to myself saying: I am the creator of my world. I determine what I see in my world and I alone make this decision. I see beauty, purity, wholeness and truth. I am in charge of my attitude.

It would be so easy to run like a scared dog with my tail between my legs, but this is not a privilege I give myself. I must take control. I must be master of my attitude. Being master of my attitude I stand firm, announce the truth—within myself—and abide by this truth to its evidential conclusion.

One of my students said to me the other day: I need money. I have done the courses of the University of Healing. I know the principle. I know it SHOULD work, but I need money. Why do I not have enough money to live comfortably?

I could only answer her: You are independently wealthy. You have all the money at your fingertips that anyone else has. You will reveal this money in your bank account when, and only when, you are in charge of your attitude—one pointedly in charge of your every thought about your desires. When you can live in the consciousness of wealth, you will have more money than you have ever dreamed.

She moaned: That is easy for you to say. You are rich. You have everything you want. You live abundantly.

Yes, I confirmed, I am abundant. I am independently wealthy. Every desire I have to serve our students around the world floods into the UNI and I am lovingly blessed. You too will be blessed when you remain consistent to your dream.

Abundance was not always expressed in my life. There was a time when money was scarce. However, regardless of any appearance, my attitude remained firm that I am independently wealthy. And so it is. Let it be for you in this same light.

My student opened her eyes to the blessings she already experienced. In the process she changed her attitude about personal wealth. The next time I saw her she was exceedingly comfortable financially—plus in health, relationships enjoying every desire of her heart.

Take Charge Of My Action

I take charge of my action—it is so easy to live in the world mentally and forget to take charge of my mannerisms, my habitual way of doing things, of how I appear to my world and myself. What is my response to things I see, things I hear, things I know and things I think about? Do I critique everything based on a positive attitude, positive thoughts and positive actions? If I do not I am missing a vital clue to living in a positive world, living in a positive world of my creation.

Recently one of the men operating a company working on campus told me his mother was ill. He did not know our philosophy. He heard we were into "healing" and he asked that we pray for his mother. I replied that we would be happy to see his mother whole and perfect right now. A few days later he spoke to me again. He said, I have been watching you. You are not trying to promote your teaching on me. In fact, I do not know what you teach. You all live such happy lives as I see you here and this tells me there must be something good in what you teach.

Can you tell me something about what you teach?

I told him, with his employees closely listening to our conversation, I teach my students one thing: Be yourself and have fun. I tell them, Go out and live what YOU believe and your actions will speak so loudly of who and what you are, the entire world will follow you and delight in knowing you more and more.

Yes, he answered. Immediately he and his fellow workers asked for copies of the GIST so they could learn what to practice. Actions speak loudly and importantly.

Take Charge Of My Word

I take charge of my word and as I do I live in a miracle world. I let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in MY sight and I am happy.

It would be so easy to be sympathetic of people and their problems. It would be so human to be caring and loving from the relative point of view and therein be acceptable to and by all of humanity. This sort of thing is not being positive. To be positive I must speak the truth and stand by the principle of the Law of cause and effect. If I am sympathetic to another I put the cause in motion for their unhappiness to continue. I condone whatever it is they are experiencing. In doing this type of caring I am part of the problem and definitely not part of the solution.

When at all times my words are positive and unconditionally loving, seeing myself and all in my world experiencing the highest and best I can know for them, then and then alone am I being a blessing in their world, speaking my word of infinite love for them. I am now the solution to their seeking and finding a positive joy filled life.

Can I always be positive—definitely. I make the choice and experience the effect now.