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GIST - March 2000 Issue
I Pledge Allegiance

EllenWe are universal beings and pledge allegiance for the good of our life. All our experiences happen on multidimensional levels right here, right now. They manifest through our thoughts, our attitude.

Born German, married Swiss- Italian, people are curious about my accent. They wonder where I come from and what nationality I have. From today on, I pledge my allegiance as a proud American.

To become an American Citizen I studied American history and learned the foundation rules of the United States of America. Early this morning I went for my interview at the Immigration and Naturalization Service in San Diego.

The elevator of the foreboding Federal INS building towered over me as I slowly rose to the fourth floor. Joyfully I stepped off the elevator holding my chin high as I walked past the friendless busy offices in the never-ending corridor. As I stepped into the already crowded waiting room, an overpowering silence reminded me of some challenging school examination times as a child.

People of all ages quietly sat nervously waiting for their interview, which would allow them to be American citizens. A number of them gave their last fleeting looks into their wrinkled study papers, to assure themselves they were ready for their big test. Some patiently waited with an inner confidence.

"Jermini," a man called into the trembling throng. I humbly followed a tall brown-suited officer Mr Blacksmith who greeted me with an aloof eye. Endlessly we passed offices. Through their open doors, I could hear others being tested. I kept cool.

In Mr Blacksmith’s Spartan tiny workplace, there was hardly space for his desk, two chairs and a file cabinet.

Before I had a chance to sit, he ordered me with military-like command, "Stand!"

This really sounds like examination time, flashed through my mind.

"Raise your right hand and swear with me, I say the truth and nothing than the truth."

I repeated after him firmly, loud and clear, I say the truth and nothing than the truth.

"Sit," he once more commanded, ignoring my self engaging smile, as he checked my file, glancing through its pages.

"What is your name," he pressured me, keeping his eyes down looking into my file. He was confused about the several first names as he compared them with my identification cards. Cold and businesslike he avoided any eye contact with me to set me at ease.

Quietly and firmly, I took a deep breath balancing my attitude while playing this unusual, self-created game.

I said, I was blessed and baptized with many names: Ellen, Wilma, Margarete, Elisabeth.

However, I call myself just Ellen, I meekly added, not giving him any more words than necessary.

Busily he scribbled some notes in red ink on my records, while casually asking me a couple of off-handed questions testing my knowledge of American history. I was ready, I quickly and easily responded on the spot.

Five minutes passed and the freezing testing atmosphere changed into a lovely conversation. I felt as though I had jumped from an icy pool into a cozy warm puddle. I thought good the official examination is over as Mr Blacksmith raised his head and leaned back in the one luxury of his office, his high-backed office chair.

For the first time I could see his deep brown and oh so gentle eyes.

Kindly he asked, "How long have you been a minister?" Obviously he had just read it all in my record.

I was ordained as a God Unlimited minister in 1986 here in America. My ordination took place in a circle of seven ministers. It was a memorable moment in my life for my dream, as a little Catholic girl now became reality. Since then doors to a new exciting life opened for me. I traveled the world sharing my belief. I taught what the University of Healing a wing of the Church of God Unlimited teaches. I visited countries like Russia, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Guyana, India, I traveled around Europe and everywhere I was welcomed as a friend, to share my philosophy. I spoke to traditional as well as new thought churches and centers around the world. I love traveling and meeting people.

"How many languages do you speak," he asked.

I speak German, French, Italian and English. This makes it easy to communicate everywhere.

"What is the University of Healing?"

The University of Healing is a metaphysical correspondence school with students around the world. The students receive their course material by mail and while every day reading their lessons three times a day, they practice self- discipline at home. Through daily dedication to the studies, the student develops a self-awareness of who and what he/she really is.

"This sounds very promising. This sounds like an excellent program."

Mr Blacksmith casually closed my folder pushing it aside as fait accompli. Once more, he leaned back rocking in his chair pondering my words.

"I am reading the Bible. As I study the Old Testament, all I read about is a judging jealous condemning God. It is confusing to me," he candidly admitted.

The Bible is a book, which relates the religious development of people, I added. Through thousands of interpretations and translations over the centuries, the story became inconsistent in many ways. We can find some reliability in the teachings of Jesus in the four gospels of the New Testament. Jesus said: the kingdom of god is in each man, it is done unto YOU according to YOUR belief, what I have done, you can do too and greater things. He taught us resurrection, ascension, illumination, to overcome the last enemy death, recognizing truth is eternal life, truth is spirit, truth is unchangeable! We have everything going in life as we think positive and lovingly about our world and ourselves.

Mr Blacksmith’s eyes sparkled with interest.

"How about Moses, who saw his people misbehaving when after forty days he came from the mountains with the commandments," he asked, obviously still testing how well I speak English.

Moses listened to the divine within, to God talking through his thoughts and his feelings. He listened well and was ready to bring the perfect commandments to his people. However, he allowed himself to become angry by the people’s behavior. He judged them from his human point of view. In his anger, he crashed the genuine commandments. When he returned to the mountain to rewrite them, he was unable to tune into the divine, he wrote from a judgmental consciousness living in the limitations of the reflection of his people. So he said: You should not steal, you should not lie, you should not do this or that. He treated them as slaves.

"You say that the Ten Commandments we have today are not the one God gave to Moses." Pensively he tapped his head. Illumined by a new understanding he said: "What a point you make here! I have never thought this, this makes me think!"

God is a loving God, a loving presence. God is not an anthropomorphic God, as a loving father. God is a word. It represents energy. That energy is everywhere present, in this pen, this paper, this file, the desk, this office, in everyone, in you and me. We are the power of God and can use it to do anything we like as we live from a nonjudgmental point of view. The media mostly represents drama, scandal, and hurts though there is so much good in this world. Still people love tragedy.

"It is money making," he added shaking his head in accord to what I had just said.

To live up to the two greatest commandments Jesus gave us: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your being and love your neighbor as yourself, not hurting or taking away from anybody, minding our own business, makes life a joyous experience. We can do it; we have the freedom of choice.

In my enthusiasm of sharing my favorite subject, I had forgotten that Mr Blacksmith still was checking my knowledge of English. Intelligently he had made this interview into a mutually charming and interesting conversation.

Here is our monthly GIST magazine, which you might love to read, I added while pulling out our colorful October edition. He instantly put it in his pocket, confirming: "I am interested. I will read it.

"In two-three weeks you will be notified for the official celebration of becoming American," he announced, getting up from behind his desk, he congratulated me as a new citizen.

Happy as a child who has just been given her dream doll, I shook hands with Mr Blacksmith, the officer with whom I nonjudgmentally played the game of being tested to become a proud American I now am.

I pledge allegiance to be me, a universal being and I have fun in playing my games in the here and now.