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GIST - March 2000 Issue
Loving Is Great, Philosophy Is Better


I love to travel the world. I love to meet people. I love to hug and kiss everyone. I love to greet and be greeted by acquaintances old and new. What I MOST LIKE to do is to share my philosophy, share the divine man with the divine man knowing all are one. It makes my heart soar and my mind expand in the magic of thinking and knowing who I am.

During January and February Dr Ellen Jermini and I blanketed the East Coast and parts of Europe in a glorious tour of seminars. We embraced students from around the world. Everyone loved us and made us welcome.

Warm Hearts In A Cold City

As the coldest weather in years struck the East Coast, Ellen and I arrived at JFK airport in New York. Wearing our gentle California clothing we stepped off the plane into the blustery "Chicago" weather in New York, Brooklyn and New Jersey. Naturally the first thing Ellen did was to jump into the hotel’s Jacuzzi and Olympic sized swimming pool to relax after a smooth flight. The telephone rang off the hook as our many hosts welcomed us to their home-stomping-ground.

Every church was full as we gave our presentations. At the New Life Center of Truth Church I gave a seminar entitled THE INNER RIVER. First I gave a special session of dynamic concepts to the early birds who braved and ice and snow festooning the mid-January Saturday morning. The Rev Evelyn John introduced me to her dynamic congregation. She later hosted us to a fabulous meal in her home introducing us to her daughters Helen and Dina. Dina is a student of the University of Healing. Special guests were UNI student Roland Edwards and his wife.

An exciting adventure lay before us as we entered the New Jersey Assembly of Truth Church to conduct the ordination of its minister Joy Clarke. Officially before the entire church, we "robed" both newly ordained Rev Clarke and her co-minister the Rev Patricia Shivdat. Before congregation, guests, family and friends two very happy women were honored as ministers in the community of the Church of God Unlimited clergy. In her part of the ceremony Rev Shivdat proudly proclaimed, "I am God, God I am." The entire audience joined in and the rafters rang out with these joy filled enthusiastic words. On and off stage ministers and students of the CHURCH and UNI participated in the ordination. Rev Ingrid Chance, Rev Marva Edmonds, Rev Gwendoline Egerton, Rev Kennard Davis, Rev Celestine Morgan, Rev Joycelyn Eastman, Rev Evelyn John, Rev Louise Levy, Rev Joy Thomas and others in the audience. Letters of congratulations and blessings flooded the altar.

Bright and early Sunday morning we arrived at the Church of Truth Center of Higher Consciousness of the Rev Kennard Davis. I was honored to participate in the baptism of two angels. After I pronounced their magic and miracle existence, I blessed them and I attempted to pass them back to their reluctant parents who unenthusiastically accepted their babies indicating they want me to speak more beautiful words about their glorious children. I gave the morning talk to an enthusiastic congregation. That afternoon I presented a seminar on THE INNER MAN. The intelligent exciting questions carried the seminar into the evening. No one wanted to go home. I like that!

Throughout our stay on the East Coast Ellen and I were hosted in the home of the Rev Shivdat. She insists that whenever we are in the area, her home is ours. What a joy.

The spectacular of our visit was in the Grand Cathedral, also known as the Temple of Abundant Life where the God Unlimited Minister the Rev Ingrid Chance holds court assisted by her associate minister Rev Celestine Morgan. Rev Chance’s amazing congregation were ready to greet us on a Monday evening at 7 pm. What a privilege it was for me. The topic for the seminar was THOUGHTS FOR THE NEW MILLENNIA. We arrived at 7:30 and the introduction took half an hour. I was to give a seminar lecture which finished close to midnight followed by an abundant dinner and my signing books in the recreation room. Nobody wanted to go home, including many children of all ages.

Off To Switzerland

The Rev Gertrud Suter of Ebmatingen and the Rev Monica Egli of Basel offered us their homes as the center of our operations in Europe.

Wednesday evening January 19th Grandmother Rev Gertrud Suter, Rev Ellen Jermini and I baptized eight and five year old Jerôme and Sabrina Suter with their father Adrian smiling on. The children loved the rose petals as they caressed their faces. Godfather Martin, Godmother Olivia in Cameroon approving by telephone, as the two angels joyfully accepted their blessed status. I told Jerôme and Sabrina the world is ready for the miracles they bring. They love to hear that.

A dynamic two-day-seminar was held in Wasserfallen high in the Swiss Alps on the theme TRUE LOVE STARTS WITH ME. In the upper room sitting on cushions on the floor everyone flowed with the topic. Ninety-year-old Ellinor Bessat, repeating the seminar she had attended 15 years before was now able to enthusiastically say: I am God! She insisted on telling everyone what it meant to her.

As each of the eight hour-long-lectures concluded, no one left their spot, no one had questions, all wanted to remain in the charisma of the moment, and the sense of love was intensive and invasive. When the seminar ended each car loaded with participants slid down the near vertical roadway in six inches of new fallen snow.

Being HappyWithout Reason

Seminars were given in Munich, I will talk of them later.

The seminar in Zurich-Boldern proved to be an especially dynamic event. We scheduled a normal seminar room for 20-30 people. As the people kept coming we had to double the room. Delightful floor chairs were provided making everyone exceedingly comfortable. The topic BEING HAPPY WITHOUT REASON had previously been given on campus but it took on a new dimension overlooking the beautiful lake and alpine mountains of Switzerland. One of its most charming dimensions was the inclusion of children in the seminar. Jerôme Suter, who turned eight at the seminar, five and six year old Andrea and Martina Egli and an unborn infant of Barbara Bandi-Enz. They were intensively interested in what the seminar offered. They asked vital and intelligent questions and often said what the rest were too timid to ask.

I held a children’s seminar in THE MAGIC OF LIKING YOURSELF in an Ebmatingen elementary school, in Zurich in student Herbert Marty’s health food store, in Lugano and other meetings in homes.

Our tour de force of Europe was exciting.

We visited students Adriane Meyer, Moni- ca Egli, Gertrud Suter, Lydia Merkle the mother of Monk Sidika Merkle, student Rösli In-Albon in Bern, Luca brother of student Daniel Vanetti, Harry Shivdat family and son of student Patricia Shivdat, Zurich Sea Ship Captain Hängle special friend of Novitiate Christina Nussbaum, mother and family of Novitiate Anita Lopp, sister Margrit Suter, former husband Peter and Käti Suter, sons Martin and Adrian Suter, grandchildren Sabrina and Jerôme Suter, student Käte Fink in Munich and her family, the personal family of Ellen Jermini in Germany and Switzerland, and many others.

A special delight was meeting Hans and his wife Margrit, the godfather of student Dr Greg Müller. We were given a tour of their farm and generously served in their spacious home. Uni student Rev Francesca Fumasoli joined us for a day of sharing. Richy Schley and his friends Bianca and Gisela visited us during the Wasserfallen seminar, what a privilege.

I could go on for hours telling all of the exciting adventures from this long awaited visit to my students and friends throughout the world and in my heart I do!