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GIST - May/June 2000 Issue
Loving Is Great, Philosophy Is Better


GREAT THINKING IS not limited to acknowledged great minds. Viewing the topics of the World Economic Forum was like screening thoughts which often cross my mind as I share ideas with students and friends of God Unlimited/University of Healing every year.

A MAJOR TOPIC AT the World Economic Forum, held in Davos Switzerland in January this year, was finding solutions to three major diseases in the world. The discussion proposed billions of dollars could be spent to control their spread. This included medicine, doctors and training in hygiene.

The simple solution for the world at large is with a beneficial mental attitude toward any need. Indeed, surround the people experiencing these negative effects with our/their pure white light of love and wholeness wholeness results.

Does this seem too simple a solution? Actually, it is not. It is the grandest and most important attitude the world can take toward any of the circumstance it faces. When we are taught to love our body, the temple of the living spirit, then we respect it and bless it with our intelligent attitude and make wise use of our physical self. As we do this, our body responds with wholeness and purity, goodness and beauty, to know all that is wonderful and good.

The concept is of a THIRD WORLD or depressed economy to some areas of the globe. The easy way out for humanity helping humanity, to relieve this condition of lack is to give them money and substance. The world is a big family. When part of the family is wealthy, the tendency is to help the other in the family who are not so well off. However, the part of the family who are not so well off will continue to be not so well off because they do not know how to be wealthy. If the better off members of the family offered the less well off opportunities to learn and to prepare themselves to be better off, all would benefit. Otherwise, it is one continual giving to the others who want more and do not appreciate what is given to them because they do not know how to keep it coming.

Faith: A Glue For Society

THE FORUM noted that secular culture and scientific discovery have severely challenged religious beliefs. It asked, does religious faith remain the important glue for society? Is faith more than dogma, a cultural choice? Why do so many of us have such strong feelings about religion?

The tendency of the Forum was not to alienate standard religious organizations but to feel that the role they play is fundamentally beneficial to humanity as its unifying glue. In the process of protecting religion, the benefit of a "revised" religion was missed.

Historically the belief in "a" God outside of man has caused a confusion in man beyond any understanding given to him by "a" church. Always, we are taught that if bad happens to us it is the "will" of "a" God whom we have not propitiated properly. We have seen the rich who were unscrupulous in manís sight being exceedingly wealthy. We have seen people who have violated all of the sensitivities of humanity and still been blessed with substance and wholeness. It did not seem fair. Why would God bless such as they!

These are not new confusing thoughts. The iterations continue because the church and man have enjoyed the circus of a religion of miracles, a religion of awe and wonder, a religion of magic, which only the prepared ones may perform.

The Forum did not pretend to have the answers, but it offered a platform for intelligent global leaders to consider new possibilities.

Many Themes In The Forum

AN ECONOMIC UPDATE entertained issues of a global stock market available to all via the Internet and e-mail actions. Questions such as: is it time for optimism or for caution in the US stock market, are the economies in Europe and East Asia on safe ground, can emerging markets survive another shock, what has happened to the business cycle, is it indeed a new economy?

What is the future of global Earth, will the universe continue to expand forever or collapse?

What about stress and our CEOs, our global leaders, is science and medicine playing God, what can be done about the environment, ecology, Internet and visions for the future?

Powerful ideas discussed by powerful men, political leaders from around the world including President Clinton, were on the agenda.

As I thoroughly read all of the material offered and the bountiful remarks made by these "thinking" world leaders I could come to but one conclusion:

You and I, the average person, the one who is and are affected by what is going on in our world our universe our unlimited being, we have a voice in today and tomorrow. We do not need a lovely forum where we make public statements, for we have our own powerful INNER FORUM where we speak our word and get results equal to anything done by these masters of international, intergalactic, interuniversal public relations.

We can be the candle in the darkness whose light is seen everywhere. We can speak our word claiming "peace on Earth," claiming wholeness and harmony for all humankind, claiming all men hold each other in unconditional love. With our selfawareness of our purity we create the world in which we live fulfilled and fulfilling.

WE HOLD WORLD Economic Forums throughout the world, wherever we may be, and we set in motion a universe of peace, goodness and love. We do this when we unconditionally love our self and all of our creation.

Dr Herbert L Beierle