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GIST - July/August/September 2000 Issue
It Is Never Too Late
Eleonora, The Dreamer

EllenBorn in St Petersburg, a proud Russian, her dream was to act and dance, to cry great tears in dramatic performances. On her eighth birthday she got a pair of ballet shoes. She was never to wear her ballet shoes. They would forever lie unworn.

Her vision was sidetracked when the Second World War sent her into a new world in peaceful alpine Switzerland.

She now spoke Swiss- German. Russia was always beloved. She became a Swiss wife and mother always remembering her dream to act and dance on stage.

Her husband died. Though she was fifty, her dream leapt up in the heart again. Magic moments transformed this mother into a talented actress. With childlike enthusiasm she studied as an actress lessons. The ageless Eleonora learned to emote, to cry on demand, to take her audience in her heart and to live any role.

With excellence she acted and wept tears so real her audience acclaimed her greatness. Her now revealed talent was unlimited. She knew: it is never too late to fulfill a dream.

A rising star, her genius guided her to success.

The child in her never gave up. At 75 Eleonora enrolled in the University of Healing, becoming a star student. As a model great grand mother she lives alone in her cozy- furnitured apartment enjoying eternal youth in her late eighties.

I met Eleonora in January on our seminar tour through Europe.

She came to our weekend seminar in the Alpine Mountains of Wasser- fallen where fresh snow blanketed the white hills of Basel, Switzerland. Nothing held her back from the decision to be one of the eagerly listening participants. With alertness and an open heart she enthusiastically followed the daily five hours lectures.

At the end of the first two days with joy filled glittering eyes she proclaimed: I am so happy that I came. I am floating on cloud nine. I have gained a new awareness. I now know who I am. I now KNOW that I am God. My purpose in life is fulfilled.

Eleonora celebrates her ninetieth birthday in September. She is an ageless miracle lady giving herself the gift of being unlimited. It is never too late to dream a dream to let it come through; for now is the acceptable time.

Aliceís Dreams

Alice is the mother- in-law of the University of Healing Swiss student, Rev Herbert Marty. In her seventies her dream was: to see America.

One evening, the Marty family decided to go on a trip. "Letís fly to California and take Grandma Alice with us," exclaimed sixteen-year-old granddaughter Nadja, "itís grandmaís dream!" Pascal, who just celebrated his fourteenth birthday, insisted: "I will only come, when grandma Alice comes." The two grandchildren, Nadja and Pascal were excited for grandmother Alice.

Flying to America high up over the clouds sailing over a vast ocean was a new experience for Grandma Alice. She was in heaven.

The happy family visited San Diego with its many attractions, the zoo, the wild animal park, Old Town and more.

Herbert eagerly drove his family up into the high desert east of San Diego to show them his UNI campus. Often he comes here to spend special meditation times with the monks of the Absolute Monastery.

At first glance each monk fell in love with gentle Alice. Sipping refreshments on the Monastery patio, they enthusiastically discussed philosophy with Herbert leading and answering the questions of his family. Attentively Alice listened. Her light blue eyes sparkled of joy. They became bigger and bigger as she realized that SHE the dreamer had put a cause into motion and it manifested. I am now in wonderful America!

The monks took Alice in their arms and sang with her: I like me, I like me, I like me, swinging her around and waltzing with her along the lovely meditation paths. Everyone giggled and laughed and felt as uninhibited as an innocent child.

Alice wanted to stay longer at the Monastery. In this euphoric state she returned home rejuvenated in spirit, mind and body. She realized that life is worth living with a joy-filled attitude. Her daily spiritual food was to sing I like me which brought a positive influence to her world.

Years passed when last October, Alice decided to die. Just when the Marty family had packed their suitcases to go on a ski vacation, the doctors declared: Alice is ready to go. Surrounded by her family who came from far and near, Alice asked that all life supports be taken off as Alice had left written down. Loving her unconditionally, the Marty family released Alice to her next experience. The room was wrapped in deep silence. All eyes were on Alice as she took her last breath when to the surprise of the doctors and the joy of the family Alice continued to breathe. After a while Alice opened her eyes and said: I decide to live.

In a few days Alice returned home, whole and perfect.

I met Alice as I traveled Europe in February. With her sparkling pure eyes she came to a family reunion of over twenty people to meet dean Dr Herbert L Beierle and myself. We spent a spectacular unforgettable evening with the Marty family vividly discussing philosophy. With her usual happy smile, Alice quietly and attentively listened.

For months she had waited for this moment to meet us. Alice is happy and lives.

Alice is enjoying life eternally.

It is time to dream our wildest dream!

Dr Ellen Jermini