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GIST - July/August/September 2000 Issue
Mysterious Habit Control


I am controlled by my habit, or habits. I like to include more than one habit even though I am controlled by one habit at a time. Now I take charge, I am master of any habit, easy or hard, the moment I choose.

I am loaded with habits. These habits are often beneficial, in fact most of the time they are beneficial, however there are some habits that manipulate me and keep me under their need to exist so I am not free to be me.

Believe it or not, one such habit is how I sleep. Throughout my life I have been told and I continue to tell myself that I need eight hours or MORE of sleep every night or I am not at full tilt during my day. Living in this awareness I make sure I get lots of sleep. Now the sleep in itself is not bad, it is the need for sleep, which I think I must have and therefore get, that is manipulating me.

Add to this that I can sleep only if my environment is quiet. I can sleep only if I am at peace in my inner self. I can sleep only if I am comfortable and warm. I can sleep only if I am lying on a soft or firm bed. I can sleep only if I am wearing my pyjamas or shorts or a nightshirt or am naked or if my blankets are heavy enough or light enough. I can sleep only if all conditions are correct. 

Currently 85 percent of humanity sleeps naked. This seems a strange awareness since the sale of sleep clothes is seemingly popular. Our natural dress is being naked and from childhood we have done our best to discard any outerwear as we sleep or anytime, if we can get away with being naked, we loved to be naked. Our parents have done their best to keep us clothed as we play or sleep so we will be warm and protected. However, we are warm with no clothes but we do not know it.

A test has been conducted by the services and several psychological studies in universities checking to see whether people can sleep on the carpeted or stone floor with no blanket under or over them, with only a pillow-naked. Will these people sleep soundly through the night? Will they awaken during the night feeling cool or cold? How long would it take for these people to no longer feel the need for covering of any kind-and eventually to discard even the pillow?

Does this really function?

Yes, amazingly, sleeping on the ground or floor is the nature of any creature. We fall asleep on the floor in front of the fireplace. We fall asleep on the floor in front of the television. When we are tired we can sleep anywhere. When we awaken we are not stiff from sleeping on the floor, warm or cold. We fall asleep on the beach under the blazing sun and are not aware we have been sun burned, the sand has not "ground" into our tender skin, the noise of the ocean or beach goers and barking dogs around us have not disturbed us, we are deep in a harmonious state of relaxation. It is pure pleasure.

Experiments are going on in psychological laboratories conducted by universities and by the services testing habits. People live without clothing for a period of a day, week, month and longer. During the day they live "normal" lives without clothing. Then at night they go to bed as the Spartans had done, naked on either a hard floor or a carpeted floor, with or without a pillow.

At first for the participants it was difficult not to wake up many times during the night looking for a blanket and going to the bathroom. As the test continued they slept longer and finally throughout the night. They would sleep on their stomach, their side or their back, all in perfect comfort. They would roll off their pillow until they realized that even this was unnecessary. Throughout the experiment they were comfortable.

While it is true their outer body temperature may have felt cool or even cold, they were comfortable. They were not distressed by bodily hypothermia. The lower body temperature was natural. The core temperature was always normal, consistent and balanced. 

What was learned by these experiments?

First, we come to the realization that we are conditioned by our habit of needing a blanket or some covering so we can sleep. We find that once we have participated in this experience we are no longer in need of any covering while we sleep. We can sleep under conditions that are warm or cold, dry or wet, hard "bed" or soft. Our body does not manipulate us. This is an exciting awareness. We master a habit, or habits.

This is merely one area of our lives where we can be master of our habit. It is far more traumatic than we think. We have been taught that our bodies must be covered at all times and in China even the old time doctors would examine women patients through their clothing. It would be easy to list traditions worldwide where humanity has limited itself. In fact early medicine never studied the body of a dead person to see how it was formed. This was thought taboo. It is certainly time that we review our opinions and attitudes about our bodies and our habit, habits, which we treasure so dearly.

If sleeping naked will remove a host of limitations about us and our bodies and our lives, consider it for yourself.

The rules of science are changing constantly. Facts are only conditions of the moment. Our thoughts are the controlling factor in everything in our life. My habit is to be in charge of my thinking and "use habits" to make my life easier and more complete, not to limit it.

Who Cares Most

As I look within to find the giant sleeping there-my divine reality-how much assistance can I expect from the world about me-does it matter-all that matters is that I am on my personal inward quest and remain true to that journey alone. Indeed, I must walk by myself to find my reality.

I quiet my noisy self as I pay close attention to the goodness within me.

It does not matter what another likes or feels or says or does in my world-I am at peace within me on my happy way.

To quiet my noisy self I quiet my outer self, my outer environment. It is a lot easier to quiet my outer self than I at first thought. I go where I feel peaceful. It might be the bathroom, the toilet were I can sit without being disturbed. It might be sitting on my bed with the bedroom door closed. It might be in my car in the garage, in the drive, in the park or on a country lane. I might walk to the park and sit on a bench or on the grass there in quietness, attracting no one to come near me. It could be in the solitude of my own mind where I think my own thoughts, dream my own dreams and listen to the music of my own heart and soul.

I Have Known The Light

Many times I have seen a brightness within me which I have been unable to fathom. It made me feel very good, but I was unable to put my finger on it as to just what it meant and how I was to react to it.
So I just let it be.

The Moment Of Awakening

It comes as a lovely feeling of contentment as I awaken to my inner peace. I see the light so clearly and yet it defines nothing at all. It just is.

How am I to respond to it? This is the question that runs through my thinking.

I choose to dwell in this inner sense of at-one-ment, at-tune-
ment, in-tune-ment. It is so satisfying. I cannot put my finger on why I feel such contentment or why I am so at peace, but it is as though all the world has found its home in me.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle