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GIST - October 2000 Issue
Sharee and Sharer Share


PLAYING THE ROLE of sharer with humanity sets up the sharer for many emotional burdens, which are not common for others. The same is true of any sincere teacher. The sharer must require the personal best from every sharee and not be touched by the sharee’s frustration and feelings of insufficiency in accomplishing their task.

THE INTENSITY OF each sharee shows their great joy in seeking their inward path even while it is exceedingly challenging. The degree of challenge is dependent upon the individual. Some seek within themselves their highest and best and will settle for nothing less. Others are content with just being on the way toward their greatness and are patient in awaiting any signal that they are walking in the right direction.

One-on-one is the most intensive of all training. For in this in-depth approach there are no others to observe and recognize that your path and their path are quite similar. During one-on-one exercises, they can be so subtle that it may seem no work is being done; the sharee is making no progress.

While taking a walk, the sharer and sharee may interact in a most common and inobvious manner. The dialogue may sound like this:

Sharer: Looks like a great day today.

Sharee: Yes, the sun is shining and the birds are singing.

Sharer: Yesterday was nice but today bodes nicer.

Sharee: It is such a nice day today, I love the warm sun.

Sharer: The sun may be so hot we can get a bad sunburn.

Sharee: I tan well.

Sharer: The sun causes skin cancer.

Sharee: I recognize that I am my own pure white light of love and I am surrounded by this purity and goodness at all times. I love the sun and the sun blesses my body and my world. It feels great.

Sharer: You are ignoring reality. Human skin is not created to take the intensity of the sun without being burned and badly damaged by the ravages of sunburn.

Sharee: Thank you for your advice.

Sharer: Smile!

As the sharee agrees with his adversary quickly and does not argue what he could be opinionated on what he could make a comparison or judge the lesson is quickly learned. The more the sharee is able to quickly recognize when a judgment or comparison is called for and then respond to it with agreement and untouchability, his lesson is learned.

However, this is not a one time situation. The sharee must be able to respond without judgment, possession or being touched by any remark of the sharer all of the time. It is simple and even easy to be untouched once in a while, but to be on top of it and ALWAYS be untouched is an art that is greatly sought by all sharees.

Subtly it can jump on us when we are least expecting it. Conversations can appear most inocuous and catch us off our guard. When we have trained ourselves consistently and sincerely, it is then our nature our way of living to be dependable in our thinking and acting.

Another area in which the sharer pushes the buttons of the sharee is in their personal life. When we are told we are handsome, beautiful or attractive, we immediately feel a warm glow within us and accept readily such applause. We are touched. We like it.

It would be easy to argue, why not, such a comment is true and well stated. It would be easy to insist that such normal response is "normal" and why not delight in it.

This is a small part of the web woven to entrap the unwary to be judgmental, to be touched, to express limitation. It need not be this way. We can be free of such manipulation and control from the world about us if we desire it but now the question comes: do we desire to be free of attitudes which reflect our human nature and live only in the attitude of our divine nature that is indeed the question.

It is easy to proclaim that we want our spiritual path more than anything else in the universe. We protest that being a master consciousness is more important than any human experience we have in the next breath we insist we want to live forever in this human body we have right now, with the friends and family we have right now, in the community and environment we have experienced all of our lives. We protest we deeply want our individuality more than anything we have ever thought we could want.

Often in group meetings I have said to the group I am going to reach out and "touch" you. I am going to push your button and you are not going to like it. After saying this, I change the subject and say nice things for a few minutes. When my audience is sufficiently "off guard" I plunge forward with a few limiting concepts and they fall for it.

I point my finger at a most happy normal person and say: You are certainly a good looking lady. Your hair do is perfect, so attractive, and your use of cosmetics compliments your complexion and appearance so beautifully, you are the most beautiful looking woman here today.

To this she smiles brightly and is totally enthralled with such intuitively correct comments.

Then I turn back to her and say: I am sorry, I just noticed that your shoe has a big scuff mark on it. Your shoes look so pretty, but the big scuff mark causes everyone to ignore how nice you look only to see the black dirty mark on your shoe.

She looks at her shoe and says dramatically: "I have no scuff mark on my shoe. My shoe looks just fine. Surely you must be able to see that." Touched once again, in the negative, she allowed herself to be taken from the training field she was told she was training in and she fell into the lion’s pit having forgotten the "GAME" we were playing.

As we go through our daily experiences, hundreds of opportunities confront us wherein we can either be master of ourselves in a positive way, or fall into the mastership concept where we are controlled by our world and others. Naturally we can never be controlled by anything outside of ourselves.

Playing this game in training for our inner awareness, we tend to hate the messenger of this program. While we want it with all of our heart, it still bugs the living daylights out of us. Under such feelings we ask ourselves whether we truly want to walk the master path or rather stay at home, enjoy the status quo, and not shake the boat.

INDEED, THIS IS the question. The answer can only come from the depth of our own heart.


-Dr Herbert L Beierle