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GIST - November 2000 Issue
Adventures from the
School of the Master

Ellen       Since beginning my spiritual training with God Unlimited/University of Healing, I wanted to take the special School of the Master. I am aware of this very special learning opportunity the UNI offers. I follow my heart, it tells me to go for it learning to release possession, judgment and emotion.
Though the program is a challenge, it motivates and inspires me.
      It is a perfect pure blue sky morning July 1, 2000 as I enter the school. Standing on the patio of the Monastery I look out over the mountain range, looking for miles to the horizons. I am ready and accept the forthcoming 92-days of spiritual training. The seminar is held on the 100 acre Absolute Monastery campus near Campo California. I sign-up with thirteen eagerly committed UNI students from around the world. The School of the Master program is a practice based primarily on illogical, unreasonable, seemingly senseless tasks any normal human being would judge as foolish.
       However, this does not discourage me. I know that spirit does not deal with logic. Spirit is not limited by reason. Nonjudgmental, I follow with the wisely chosen program my mentor offers. I flow willingly, lovingly and perfectly pursue any order I am given. I do everything instantly. I take each duty as a joyous illuminating experience living in the NOW!
       As the daily schedule constantly changes, many tasks surprise me and come as a tricky bolt from the blue.
       There are evenings we go to sleep at 6, 6:30, 7 or even 9 pm.
       The morning ablution starts refreshing early. The nighttime sky has just bid goodbye. The morning glow is still asleep in the heavens. But amid the star studded sky I rise at 1:30. Naked under the black but star filled sky and cold I take my outside cold water shower usually joined by a gentle cool breeze.
       I leap into the swimming pool for a short dip. The fresh pool invigorates my body and refreshes my mind. Indeed then, after an hour of exercise, I am primed for my three-hour meditation from 3-6. However, 3-6 is not always certain, the irregularity of the schedule teaches me nonpossession and flexibility and I learn to like it.
       One day I read on the program schedule: ONLY STANDING! That means no sitting, kneeling, lying down nor leaning on or against anything. In amusement, I instantly visualize myself eating, sleeping and using the bathroom only standing and this for hours perhaps even days! I cannot help but giggle within over this unusual requirement. I know it is a demanding technique of training my attitude. I play the game!
       The central meeting room of the Absolute Monastery wrapped in its thick azure blue carpet is to be my bedroom for 92 nights and for everyone else too sigh! In this sanctuary, untouchably I lay down naked, to sleep without any pad or blanket. However, this night I am destined to sleep standing up.
       I think to myself, how does a normally standing horse, an elephant or a zebra sleep? No answer, no comparison I encourage myself. I am me!
       A special white towering candle radiates golden streams of light from the center of the silent Monastery meeting room. Among 13 divine beings I stand watching the evening sky turn to shades of black. As I stand I have one goal in mind: Achievement!
       The first half hour passes quickly but there are eight more to face while standing silently through the night. I realize that any limiting thought makes the situation worse. I watch my thoughts to keep them uplifting. Inwardly I start to sing. I take-off on happy thought journeys around the world. Many joyous melodies cross my mind and underline my positive statements. To remain focused, I mentally hum my affirmations. Rhythmically, yet ever so slightly, I move my body to the beat of the songs. I keep standing.
       Play the game, I hear from within, play the game and watch how untouched you are by following orders.
       Another hour passes. My legs and my feet start to protest. I speak to them: I am the boss. I am in control. I am manager of my body. I breathe deeply and remind myself I am peace. Peace so gently whispers from my heart: I am peace! It works! I relax and continue my thought journey into the wonderland of my heart’s deepest desire. I contemplate what I accomplish by exercising discipline, dedication, determination and diligence in my thinking throughout these standing hours. My goal is set on spiritual illumination letting go of every limitation keeping me from being divine. I am focused on my white light of love, on being myself and having fun. I affirm: I enjoy being with me and listen within.
       In tune with the divine, I loose track of time and space. I am in my dream world living in the eternal now.
       It is ten o’clock when I hear the back door squeaking. A gentle voice says: Take your flashlight and follow me. One by one we step out into the cool night air to follow our sharer. Barefoot I march on the sandy meditation path letting my legs enjoy the five-minute walk to the Embassy. Inwardly I smile, for I know what is coming next.
       When my teacher opens the sliding glass door of the recreation room, he says: Make yourself comfortable on these cozy tiles and enjoy your sleep. No pillow, no blanket just warm tiles to lie on. What a test of attitude! However, I am so happy to stretch out. I believe I am offered heaven on earth after three hours of sleeping standing and ten hours standing through the day. I love this warm tiled floor and feel relieved. I bicycle my legs and circle my feet to loosen up while letting them know: Standing is over at least for the rest of the night.
       I sleep like an angel and learn another lesson: being able to rest anywhere, without possession or judgment. I came out the winner by being myself and having fun. Fun with all that? Yes, as an aware divine being!
       Just one of the hundreds of adventures during the 92- day School of the Master Year 2000

 Dr Ellen Jermini