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GIST - November 2000 Issue
Letting My Light Shine

HerbTo  live eternally now means that every second of my life I find the excitement and greatness in each moment and live it to the fullest.
       I walked into a store the other day and I said Wow, do you look great! The clerk looked at me with a surprised expression on her face and coyly said Oh! I responded Yes, just as you were standing at the counter in front of the window the sun framed your head setting your hair aglow with the most beautiful colors. Your complexion is so soft and gentle looking, and the radiance of your smile made me feel I have met a supercalifragulistic person of the most high.
       She looked at me and smiled again and again. As she waited on me it was as though we were both transported into another dimension of life. Forgotten was the merchandise which I purchased and which she so handily delivered. I slid my credit card across the counter and the transaction was completed. She countered with picking up a few other items and showing them to me. We were in a state of bliss without realizing that it was taking place an exciting moment, great beyond words and actions, paradise in the most humble of surroundings.
       As I walked out of the store I walked into the next store to look at a valise. I said I am interested in a compact valise, which will hold letter size papers and my mail. The clerk looked at me and said absentmindedly We donít carry them. I browsed through the store and found exactly the valise I wanted. I returned to the salesman and said I found just what I wanted, thank you! He said Donít thank me, I did not help you. I was taken aback a moment and then realized that I had not greeted him with the expectation of service and completion. I immediately remedied that. By the way, when I came into the store I noticed you were making order in the display cabinet. I have never seen cameras presented in such an eye-catching manner. Do you always create these displays? Shyly he dropped his eyes and said I always lay out the counter displays. I said They really look great. He turned back to me and said Sorry I was gruff with you when you came into the store. I had problems on my mind. Your genuine interest in my work and me is very thoughtful. Thank you.
       Not big things, but this is what causes MY world go around seeing myself reflected in the life experiences of others in a positive way.
       When I take time to let my light shine I see the light of others shining brightly and imaginatively too.

Dr Herbert L Beierle