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GIST - January 2001 Issue
Magic In Life

Ellen       We are the magicians of our life. Though we know the principles of magic, we like to fool ourselves with all kind of bizarre experiences.
       It was on a bright ice-cold day in November when Herb, Rev Dr Aline Côtè and I drove to the Salon du Livre in Montreal, Canada. Though it was Sunday, the streets were extremely busy not only for the renowned Canadian Book Fair but also for the amusing annual Christmas parade.
       We went to the Fair to launch our book A Gift From Self To Self which UNI student Aline Côté had happily translated into French. Herb, the author and Aline, the translator, were enthusiastically signing books while I took digital pictures, photographs and video taped the great event. This so busy and interesting afternoon at the Book Fair flew by in just an instant.
       It was already dark when we left the exhibition hall ready to drive home. Triumphant and satisfied with our first sales of this new French edition, we happily marched toward our car. 
       From the distance we could already see it parked at the second corner. However, what we suddenly observed was flabbergasting. Someone had opened our trunk and was uninhibitedly using it as if it were their car. Not really believing what we were watching, we continued walking speechlessly staring. 
       All kinds of thoughts rushed through our minds, thinking: We are dreaming. With eagle eyes we gawked at "our" car, looking and looking again making sure it was the right corner where we had parked.
       Indeed, exactly here we had parked at 1 pm! 
       But for goodness sake, I exclaimed-coming closer-that is not our car! 
       The young dark haired man, owner of the car, was warmly dressed in a fluffy blue winter jacket. His wife and their two children were already sitting in the car while he was folding the baby pram to put it in the trunk. I felt like watching a curious circus show with the most skilled magicians on stage. 
       His car was parked exactly on our place and he surely did not think it was strange.
       Our car had disappeared. It just was nowhere around!
       "When did you arrive here?" we were inquisitive to know from the young father.
       "At 2 pm. I happily found this empty lot and thankfully drove in," he answered innocently, unaware of our concern. We explained to him our situation to which he answered, "Call the police!"
       Our car was gone, it was nowhere around. We had to do something!
       Still incredulous, Aline and I looked at each other, "A test of being untouched!" we affirmatively nod our heads. "A test of being unemotional!" we reminded ourselves. "A test to believe in the truth!" we avowed with confidence-knowing that there is a happy end.
       While waiting for the police to take a report, Aline called her sisters to come and pick us up in downtown Montreal. 
       More than an hour passed, but neither the police nor her sisters showed up! 
       "Magic time!" we said. 
       During our would-be mind-numbing waiting time we created a precious meditation time emphasizing and recognizing the truth of this apparent brainteaser. Our magic wand is our prayer. All is in divine order! There is an invisible gift waiting for us and it is ours now!
       It was already past dinner time and our stomachs started to growl. 
       Finally a tall wide shouldered policeman arrived. "Your car has been towed away. You had not paid a parking fee," he calmly explained to us, telling us what to do next.
       We had not seen a parking meter near the lot. We did not even think of paying since the previous day we had parked at the same place with no fee due.
       The gentle policeman offered Aline a ride to the towing company where she found her car in perfect condition. Once more she blessed her car surrounding it with her pure white light of love, knowing all its ways were peace and all its paths were pleasantness. 
       The culmination of our evening was a lovely sharing dinner with Aline's two sisters Monique and Helen. They never doubted Aline's car would be returned to her upon their arrival in Montreal.
       During our five day-stay in Aline's house, Herb and I had little time to be with these two special ladies. This was the moment. 
       Together we went out for a delicious dinner and enjoyed a deeply rewarding philosophical talk. 
       We also giggled and laughed about our magical evening event and realized, To always keep cool regardless of any illusion-demonstrating the magic of life!


 Dr Ellen Jermini