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GIST - March 2001 Issue
Being In Love

Ellen       Love is the cement of the universe. It heals the sick, enhances the poor, harmonizes relationships and illumines life by its unconditional givingness. Love knows neither time nor space, love always IS.
       I am sitting in a doctor's office waiting to be called for my annual check up. The room light is rather dim though it is bright afternoon.
       An older couple sits vis--vis of me, both appearing over eighty. Together they study some forms she is asked to fill out. They giggle and chuckle while shifting the documents tautly from each other's hand puzzling out the two pages of questionnaire. 
       "Too bad I have left my glasses at home," Mrs Love gently excuses herself from the questionnaire.
       "Don't worry honey," Mr Love whispers to his wife, drawing the papers closer to his eyes, "I can do it!" Now he is reading aloud, question by question, regarding his wife's health history.
       Over half a century they are married-so they tell me-yet they are cuddled together like newly weds. I feel a great tenderness towards this sweet spiritually young couple and cannot hold back from talking with them. 
       Mrs Love smiles proudly looking up to her wise husband. Her laugh wrinkles give her age-lined face a youthful glow. She appears rather introvert next to her husband who opens up like a radio talk show host toward me.
       With slightly trembling hands, he holds out the document, taking the paper closer to his eyes before he proclaims, "We are almost done, just one more question." 
       Only another short patient moment and the reading operation is concluded. Mr Love victoriously folds the documents, sticks away his pen and says, "Sweetie, we made it!" Kingly smiling as if they had just made their first solo flight.
       "You see," he tells me, "I have always been a man of selfconfidence. For many years I volunteered in a hospital. Oh yee, they made me crazy these old people full of self-pity! Day in, day out they were complaining about their family, their past unbeneficial adventures and had nothing else to share than their all around hurts. I was fed up with them and so one day I spoke up, 'You are experiencing that what you are talking about. You constantly give it attention and then wonder why all the medicine you take does not work.'
       I was flabbergasted! "My my" I said, "you know the game of life and you know how to play it wisely. You are young in spirit and live a life filled with love. You are a good example for young and old."
       "Yes, even young people complain and wonder why they need to take drugs or escape behind alcohol. I still drive my motorhome and join the traveler club for some tours in the area," he continued. "I am 87. I am healthy as a bear."
       For a moment a deep silence fills the room. A bright sun ray twinkles through the window illumining my love couple in a divine picture. Then the door opens and the nurse calls them. Hand in hand Mr and Mrs Love walk through the large window door. Their aura of love leaves a big flare of affection, respect, joy of life and spiritual youth.
       I think, how lovely, how wonderful is life based on everlasting love. Yes, love turns the world around, it is the cement of the universe. It brings light into every soul as we let it shine. I have seen the light in them!

 Dr Ellen Jermini