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GIST - April 2001 Issue
The Brightest Light In The World

Herb       Easter is a time of reflection, a time of turning within to find the brightness of the light which burns in our heart. This is our glowing brilliance of peace and purity, unconditional love and infinite harmony.
       For seven days of outer silence, from Sunday, April 15 through Saturday evening, April 21, the 100 acre campus of the University of Healing will be filled with participants whose one direction of thought is being the brightest light in the world. Each seminarian will wander the many miles along meditation paths both to soak up the purity and goodness of campus and more, to shine their pure white light of love in every direction.
       Drinking the Lemonade-Cayenne-Maple Syrup diet will bring about a cleansing of the body while the seminar is a cleansing of the mind, opening us to awareness of our spiritual reality.
       During the seminar the group of advanced students study under a UNI professor and do original research through meditation and introspection to find the bright light within of illumination, wisdom and awareness.
       A powerful three-hour-meditation will enhance each day from 3-6 am wherein students speak to their divine self, define their divine self to themselves and then in the third hour, listen to their divine self as it speaks loud and clear to them of their purpose in being on Earth to be themselves and have fun.
       Reservations are still available. Participants will live on campus with transportation, food and lodging included in the seminar love offering of $595.
       If you are interested in being part of this illuminating experience, call 1-888- 463-8654 to signup. Plan to be here by Saturday. When you call or e-mail godellen@mei.ws tell us of your time of arrival via the airlines or train. We will be there to pick you up. You may use most any credit card. 

Dr Herbert L Beierle