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GIST - November 2001 Issue
Unconditional Love By Loving The Truth

Ellen    UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is sharing without judgment, without possession, without emotion-it is giving freely of myself to my creation! My creation is me: my thought, my word, my action. I am my creation, we are one, I AM MY CREATION.
     I live unconditional love-this pure one and only love-by accepting myself as a divine unlimited being, being ME, expressing GOD. I see all the world as my mirror of eternal truth, the UNCHANGEABLE TRUTH and live unrestrictively my reality.
     It was on a Sunday evening in November when I was sitting in front of the Monastery fireplace watching the white-yellow flames playfully intermingle. All the monks had retired for their retreats, only Micio, our longhaired calico snuggling cat, snoozed peacefully at my feet. The telephone rang disconnecting me from my introspective daydreaming.
     "Hallo, here is Vincenza," a small voice whispered at the other side of the line. "I am calling from Oregon on behalf of Nelly Matter, your UNI student. Nelly wants you to know that she is terminally ill and that she has accepted to die. Her doctor has given her just a few days. Please give this message further to her sharer Baba, thank you." 
     The information came to me like a bolt from the blue. For three years I had not heard from Nelly when she sold her home in Southern California moving to Oregon. She found a beautiful house on a private lake surrounded by Oregon's green forests, her long time dream.
     Vital images of this vibrant loving sixty year young Nelly flashed through my mind. I saw her once again in her San Diego flower garden where she cared for her flowers. She enjoyed cultivating roses with their sparkling colors, each emitting their precious perfume. Nelly was a dynamic lady of varied interests. She was a physiognomist and loved to interpretate facial lines to understand her fellowmen. However, Nelly's prime interest was to know HERself and to understand her real purpose in life. For this reason she had created a spiritual mentor. She loved and respected Baba, her teacher. She loved him for his patience and his serenity. She admired his wisdom and brilliance. However, it was his unconditional love that tore at the fabric of her being, wanting to be like him. She sought his nonjudgmental way of living. She marveled at how he unselfishly lived his belief as an example in his world. 
     During the years Baba spent many precious hours with Nelly to catalyze her on her selfdedicated spiritual journey. Nelly treasures him as her very special "friend," though she knows that a spiritual sharer has no friends, he loves everyone equally and non- judgmentally. Her admiration for Baba is so immeasurably grand that she often proclaims: "I would do anything for my teacher, when asked for or not!" How importantly we make such a powerful statement in devotion to a mentor, forgetting that whatever we do, we do it for ourselves.
     The day arrives soon when Nelly's sincerity and integrity is tested. She is asked to stand up for her teacher, her chance to prove her conviction to herself of her finest and best. 
     A false accusation is made against Baba and Nelly is called to be a significant witness. Her statement of truth about her sharer-actually toward herself-is imperative and vital. Nelly knows that Baba is innocent because she knows the story being told as completely as she knows her own life story, yet she does not speak up. Truly a test for Nelly of vital importance for her spiritual growth. Baba is put into prison. Nelly feels ashamed and dirty, she is deeply hurt!
     Because she did not stand up for her awareness, Nelly felt unwanted and undeserving. Shortly after this tragical event Nelly ran away leaving her state, her house, her family, her friends, her old environment. Now she really felt alone, unhappy and empty.

Wherever We Go, We
Take Our Consciousness With Us.

     THREE YEARS NELLY lived in Oregon in an isolated environment, an ideal meditative surrounding. She was alone! 
     Often she would sit on her terrace watching dozens of playful ducks paddling and diving on the lake and contemplate. It was her most precious time of the day, Vincenza related to me. Nelly had few activities on her weekly program. Each Friday evening she drove to the nearby village to play cards with a group of ladies her age. Out of this circle emerged Vincenza, a lady who sincerely cared. She became her devoted visitor to whom Nelly opened her burdened heart.
     I forwarded Vincenza's surprising telephone message to Baba, whom I felt already knew of Nelly's decision. Nonjudgmentally he blessed her in her choice and surrounded her in his pure white light of love. Then he sat down and wrote her a loving message. His message: Beloved Nelly, I love you unconditionally. Love, Baba. His messages, verbal, written or in consciousness always express his unconditional love, his divine nature, his oneness as God. Baba teaches this direct or indirect reminder of our unlimited givingness and our abundant sharing. With his few illuminating words he sent Nelly a special red rose, beautiful as just freshly picked in the garden.
     When Vincenza received the letter and the precious flower she silently entered Nelly's bedroom. Her hand shivered and her voice trembled as she reads: Beloved Nelly, I love you unconditionally. Love, Baba.  She read the lovely words of Baba to Nelly who has entered a coma. She reads it gently and caring with her soft voice, deeply touched by so much love, then she reads it all:
     Beloved Nelly, I love you! I am one as you! I love you unconditionally. I see you in peace! Go in peace! Peace, Peace, Peace! I love you! Love, Your Sharer Baba.
     The sun had just disappeared over the lake. Its last golden ray of warm light crossed the room brightening Nelly's pale face, and then let her face awaken to a short smile before she left in peace.

     Silence wrapped the room in its golden light. Vincenza listened, she heard the music of the heavenly orchestra which carried Nelly's spirit home in peace enfolded in Baba's unconditional love.

-Dr Ellen Jermini