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GIST - January 2002 Issue
A New Look At Life

Herb     IT IS EXCITING to be up on the latest information and the latest terminology. In a recent magazine article published in both the Los Angeles Times Magazine and the Reader's Digest entitled "Searching for the Divine," the subhead stated "There is new evidence that humans are hard-wired to believe in God."
       This is a fascinating concept. We often think that our body is a computer. Then too we say our brain is a computer. We say the universal mind or allness is in through and around all and feeds our computer. Evidence that incomprehensible wonder exists is what religion is all about. This is what the one mind expresses in our finite understanding.
       Just as at the passing of my mother at the age of 74 I was at her side and blessed her as she asked that I let her go. I did, emotionally. She was ready to take off. Almost immediately as she stopped breathing a white essence arose from her forehead and her ectoplasm drifted away and was seen no more. Mother and I were close. After her leaving she often came to me in my altered state of consciousness. She came with encouragement and love. One day that stopped. I knew she chose to live in the other dimensions on which she has been so active all of her life even on Earth.
       While this did not confirm my belief in God, it did confirm my belief in myself and my oneness with the universal presence, call it god.
       Another experience was when I was sucked under a rip tide on the sandy beach off Corona del Mar in California. I was tossed and rolled along the bottom for what seemed an endless time. I felt a moment of panic. I said to myself, I can die of panic or hold on and see what happens.  I held on. My entire life was replayed in a full color motion picture before me-every minute of my life-all in a flash. Soon the bottom released me and I was on the surface floating and resting. I was alive, I breathed thankfully. I had seen "the tunnel and the light at its end" but I was not ready to pass through. I was ready to go on with my life a more relaxed person, believing in myself more than I had ever done before.
       Am I hard-wired to believe in God? Could it be any other way!

-Dr Herbert L Beierle