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GIST - June 2002 Issue
The Bible Is A Bestseller

Ellen     ONE OF THE MOST studied books around the world is the Bible. Every religion has its own bible focusing on comparable content. 
     The Hindus call their bible the Bhagavad-Gita; the Islams read the Koran, and for the Egyptians it is the Egyptian Book of the Death and the Hebrew call their bible the Talmud. Christians follow the teachings of Jesus in the Bible, the holy word of God. These sacred writings found in the world’s bestseller stimulate our consciousness to think, to wake up to our reality.
     It is interesting to realize that few of our well-known ancient philosophers such as Buddha or Jesus have left handwritten scripts for the world. All philosophical references we enjoy today are mental notes taken by their followers and students. They loved their teacher’s philosophical approach and wrote it down purely from their memory.
     Today, centuries later, we take their precious memos, their handwritten words from that time literally, although they often come across inconsistent from what the original teaching meant. Through translations and interpretations by enthusiastic followers, the depth of the original message often was lost. The content was so intellectualized the philosopher-teacher’s first thought is often nowhere to be found.
     Each bible reflects the spiritual development of a people. I know it expresses truth whenever its philosophical content and statements are harmonious and coherent. Jesus was consistent in his teaching and reminded us that we can do what he has done and even greater things. He said, YE ARE GOD! When he taught that “The father and I are one” it does not concern a physical father, but it relates to the one power in and as me and us—ONE as all! 
     Jesus used parables from his time to share with the people so they could understand him. Today, more than 2000 years later, living in the 21st century some of his tales or phrases become senseless or confusing because they do not fit to our modern world. That is why I understand and accept the Bible as a book, which reflects the spiritual development of a people. The truth is always present in these holy scriptures as I am open and receptive to my reality.
     Wherever I travel in the world, I find the Bible in my hotel or motel room. How wonderful, I think, as for many people this can be a first time awakening to themselves in their solitude or special relaxation times. They are ready to step into a new awareness and while perhaps only casually opening the Bible, they read and are blessed with sentences as: The kingdom of God dwells within (Luke 17:21), Love your neighbor like yourself, Be ye perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect (Mathew 5:48), Physician heal thyself (Luke 4:22)
     In our prison ministry I have seen how the Bible is a significant guide on many prisoner’s walk through life. Statements of truth, of goodness, of loving each other awaken them to an inner peace in their state of desperation. They turn their attention to right action and are ready for a new life. Although the Bible is only the first step to bring them to a new awareness, they are soon ready for more. They are prepared to open and read their inner Bible to find their inner kingdom.
     The Bible is a Bestseller!  What bible am I ultimately talking about as the Bestseller? There is only ONE true bible, the bestseller, and that is MY INNER BOOK, the true Bible where I find the answer to every question. Indeed, I find mathematical, chemical, arithmetic, philosophical, grammatical, historical, biological questions answered in MY indwelling BIBLE. Here I find the source of health and wealth, in my most valuable manuscript. I now read MY holy scriptures, the holy words of (lower case “g” on god, the universal god) god—god I am! WOW!
     The question still might come up, why would anyone spend time reading an outer Bible? Once I accept Jesus’ statement: The kingdom of God dwells within, I put aside the outer bible. I tune into my inner god presence. I start to practice introspection, to listen to my inner voice, to enjoy my fascinating indwelling TV station; I am enchanted to read my inner book of wisdom. No outer book is necessary as I listen within. Once I hear, I read and LIVE my divine revelation. I am the author of my bestseller: the bible within me. I am the greatest writer of sacred scriptures and the author is called god, as I am god, god I am.

-Dr Ellen Jermini