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GIST - June 2002 Issue
On-Line Degree Programs


   A MIRACLE IS BEING performed by the staff of the University of Healing in creating an on-line university program for our students around the world. Earning your nonacademic theological degree can be done on your personal computer in your home according to a schedule most convenient to you.

International Headquarters in Campo

     LET THE ORDAINED minister in you be recognized and expressed as you take the courses of the University of Healing and earn your degrees and certificates allowing you to carry on the work of the divine within you. 
     Internet, An Idea Whose Time Has Come For You
     For the past 28 years the University of Healing has been serving the spiritual needs of students around the world seeking to earn their nonacademic theological degree as a minister, counselor and practitioner and for their work with earned degrees of Bachelor, Master and Doctorate.
     All has been accomplished by correspondence throughout the years and has been effective and rewarding. 
     Now with the birth of the computer age, the Internet, both audio and video, a new program of reaching the desires and expectations of our students has been born. 
     Presently we have a Home page where the full story of the UNI is told in video and through audio. Seminars given by the UNI are now available in the archives along with the Thought For Today and Instant Inspiration. The 24 Hour Radio presentation available through the UNI Homepage has listeners around the clock and around the globe. 
     The Syllabus appears on the UNI Homepage along with information about the school, the dean, the Church of God Unlimited which sponsors and adjudicates the UNI, a listing of our books and cassettes, Mr Candle for children of all ages, and lots more.
     We are now preparing our books to be made available on the Net so that our courses may be accomplished via the Internet. We are now putting our required listening cassette tapes and other cassette tapes on the net for the benefit of each student. 
     As students take the courses, telephone counseling will be available as it currently is being done for every student via our 800 number. 
     Your weekly examination papers, book and tape reviews, thesis and dissertations, and correspondence may all be sent to the UNI via email to the UNI unihealing@goduni.com or the dean unidean@goduni.com or the chairman of the board godellen@goduni.com
     More rapid than snailmail, less expensive—and more fun. You will not need any paper or ink, just your computer. This is the beginning of a new era in your life and the lives of millions around the globe seeking spiritual studies leading to earned theological nonacademic degrees. 
     Using your credit card you can pay for your education without using a check and having to mail it to the UNI. How much more convenient can it be.
     Contact us today and get your program going. 
     You have always been a minister and counselor, practitioner and theologian—why not show the evidence of your talent and calling.
     Contact us today via email. Nothing could be faster!
     There is no more convenient way to earn your education and degree than through the school which is registered with the State of California, a nonprofit California corporation tax exempt by the Internal Revenue Service, San Diego County and State of California.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle